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    Almost Finished

    Wowza! It has been nearly six weeks since I’ve posted anything magical (insert eye roll) on this blog and the first time I’m going to pop back, I’m going to write about knitting (again) for Ginny’s yarn along link up.  I’ve actually thought about closing this blog down, but I ultimately decided not to.  Once upon a time, during the blog boom, I had loftier ambitions for this space, but now I look at it as my trusty companion that holds a few memories or thoughts for myself that I would forget otherwise. I also want to confess that I am utterly addicted right now to YouTube.  Seriously.  I can’t…

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    Scrap Blanket

    I finally picked up the scrap throw blanket I started months ago.  Progress was fast at first, but eventually my other interests took hold and my needles took a backseat for months.  I decided to pick them back up last night to finish the yellow ball of yarn.  I only have one more ball of scrap yarn left and it won’t be enough to finish the blanket so I plan to head to my local craft store for new color.  Other than that, I hope to finish this bad boy soon!!  I have a goal peeps and dang-it, I WILL finish this blanket before fall.  (Luckily fall doesn’t hit until…

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    It wasn’t meant to be.

    One day I looked down at Rori and saw a gaping hole staring back at me. I don’t know what happened, but out of all the hats I have knitted, the one that came out the best, has unthreaded.  This hat has been worn a lot over the past year and when Rori put it on one day, as she always does even if it is hot, I noticed it had come undone.  Currently, the hat gathers dust sitting on my shelf, however, if anyone knows if this can be fixed and can link me to a tutorial of some sort, I would be very grateful! Hold up.  I’m not…

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    Yarn Along || The Unfinished Hat

    First of all, can you believe we are still receiving snow?  That groundhog wasn’t messing around!  This is the hat I started for myself this winter but have yet to finish.  I have knitted so many hats this season that I’m a little burnt out on them making the allure of new project that more tempting.  I have been mulling on the idea of knitting pillow covers for the couch.  Like these.  Maybe one day I can make something like this for the kids room.  What do you think?  Any other suggestions?  I’m looking for something simple and not time consuming.  I don’t have a book to read at the…

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    This darn blanket is taking forever.  I didn’t realize how much monotonous work it entailed.  I have grown so accustomed to quickly producing hats.  Anyway, this blanket is discouraging me a little with how long it takes to knit just one row!  Thank goodness I am fairly stubborn because this blanket will be finished one day!  I’m actually a little further than what is shown in the picture…but still a loooong way from finishing.  As for my reading, I checked out The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen.  So far so good. Linking up with Ginny at  Small Things today for her yarn along. Until next time! -Liz