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    Disappointing Books of 2015

    I want to preface by saying that I don’t think any of these books are inherently bad.  They are ALL well written or they obviously wouldn’t have been published.  Really, it is about the high expectations I set for each book and feeling that the books were flat, confusing, or predictable. The Wicked And The Divine There is a lot of hype around this graphic novel series and I totally had high expectations for it because of that.  My reasons for disliking this book is simple: I couldn’t follow the plot.  It is confusing from the first page and I could never really figure out what is happening.  I gave…

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    Flour || The Beginning Of Something Great

    As fate would have it, one day I rushed through the library shelves eager to find a particular cookbook that was said to be checked-in, but I wasn't seeing it.  Frustrated, I did that bit where you keep going over and over the books, sliding your finger across each spine hoping you're missing it.  Turns out I wasn't, the book wasn't on the shelf, but my finger did land on a different book that piqued my interest. 

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    This darn blanket is taking forever.  I didn’t realize how much monotonous work it entailed.  I have grown so accustomed to quickly producing hats.  Anyway, this blanket is discouraging me a little with how long it takes to knit just one row!  Thank goodness I am fairly stubborn because this blanket will be finished one day!  I’m actually a little further than what is shown in the picture…but still a loooong way from finishing.  As for my reading, I checked out The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen.  So far so good. Linking up with Ginny at  Small Things today for her yarn along. Until next time! -Liz