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    Big Night

    Tonight is the big night for the little kids, Bubba, and myself. Spiritually speaking. Tonight, Bubba and I will be confirmed as Catholics in front of a very large congregation that’s causing my incessant stage fright to flair up. I’ve been moaning and groaning about it all week. It’s that bad. To make it worse, they have saved us a spot in the front row and we will be the first to take communion. In front of everyone. All eyes on me. At least in my mind that’s what is happening. This doesn’t include standing in the front to actually be confirmed. Then I have to stand up front again…

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    Bummer News

    We’re Moving! Earlier this week I received a phone call from Sally (landlord), that for reasons I can’t mention here, will be putting the house (that we live in!) up for sale.  She doesn’t have a specific date but told us “…do what you have to do to prepare yourselves.”  She was nice enough to offer us the privilege of living here while it is on the market, but it’s a bit too risky to move a family of five on short notice if it were to sale.   Sally is probably one of the sweetest of people and she worries over us like a mother would.  I assure her…

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    Weekly Menu || Vol.008

    Oooops! I fell off the weekly menu bandwagon, but I’m jumping back on today.  MON: Veggie club sandwiches w. fresh herb potato salad TUES: Cornbread, soy patty, roasted veggies WED: Tomato jam and mozz panini w. salad or pasta salad (can’t decide!) THURS: Migas w. black beans and corn FRI: Veggie burgers w. baked potatoes SAT: French toast w. eggs or fruit SUN: No clue!  Any suggestions?

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    Two Days

    For two days now, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to put on the kids socks, shoes, coats, gloves, and hats.  Every couple of hours, they want to go outside again and I repeat the whole process for each one.  To keep it all dry, I am throwing everything into the dryer between each outing.  It’s one of the downfalls to getting snow in the south; it melts as quickly as it fell.  The kids know they have to soak it up while they can, hence the constant in and out. Other than that, I am delighted to see the white stuff on the ground, even if…