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a hat for yarn along

Big Easy edited-1

I finally started knitting Nathan’s hat for this winter.  He has been asking about it on a regular basis, which tells me that he anxiously waiting for me to finish.  I decided to go with the Big Easy pattern that Ginny used.  The pattern is exactly as the title describes it; easy.  It’s the type of pattern that I can work on while doing other things.  It doesn’t require as much concentration as some of the others I’ve knitted.  I can stop at anytime and be able to pick it up without questioning what stitch I am on. 
As the saying goes–So far, so good.
Currently I am reading Jefferson Bethke’s book, Jesus>Religion.  It is his first book that stems from his controversial video that made the news and spurred debates for weeks.  I’ve been a fan of his videos for over a year now, and if you’ve ever watched them, his book is written much of the same way.  He writes just as he speaks, making it a fast and understandable read.  He talks about homosexuality—since his mother is gay—and other debatable topics.  It has been a really good book, and if you’ve ever felt stuck on the hypocrisy within the American church, then you should pick up this book.  It has good insight, but many would still argue over its chosen topics. 
Then again, when has religion not spurred debates or cause a person to become defensive?  Any way, pick it up, even if you don’t have a belief. 😉

Linking up with the lovely Ginny, today for her weekly Yarn Along!

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