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    Catch Me If You Can

    A streaking two year old and a turtle.  I’m sure you’re wondering where this is going. A particular story has been relayed to me over and over again by grandparents, my dad, and uncle, since I was two years old.  It was a hot summer, Texas, day when my cousin and I (both two years old) were swimming with our mothers in a kiddy pool. (I think) All was fine and dandy until my cousin and I both stripped down to our birthday suits and took off running, giggling the entire way down the street; our mothers frantically at our heels.  We apparently wanted to see our grandparents, because their…

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    Crying Uncle

    This gem of a picture is Scout with my mascara on his face, which he also rubbed into the hallway carpet and the bedroom carpet.  (And I don’t mean just a little bit.  Think in terms of nearly the whole tube. it was a lot.)  It is one of those days when I’m screaming uncle, early in the morning.  It was even bad when I woke up. Everything I try to do right, goes inadvertently wrong.  It is a snowball effect.  Since everything is (probably) going to go wrong, then I’m just going to wait this day out.  For example, we had a stellar day, yesterday with potty training.  There…

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    i’m gone for an hour

    I left the house to run to the store for a few things.  As I was leaving Bubba informs me that he is going to trim Scout’s hair. An hour later I walk in… Me: What happened!? Bubba:  He wiggled.  I did what I had to do. Sigh…all those pretty curls…gone.   It is growing on me though.