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    Forgetting Susan

    I had written this very long soliloquy inside my mind that was intended to be posted here, but with each passing day, I put it off to the side and mulled on it instead.  Now, here I am, two days past the actual day I wanted to reference to begin with.  A writer’s procrastination;  Nothing new. This is sounding like a much bigger deal than it really is, so I’ll just state what has been on my mind this month.   You see, November 10, 2010, my first novel was published.  I signed a three year contract with a small publishing company who had accepted my query letter & manuscript.  It…

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    When You Know, You Know

    Today is the Tuesday that marks our eighth anniversary, and I Love you. I’ll love you tomorrow, and the next day, and next week, and even next month. In six months, I will still love you, just like I fell in love with you nine years ago. In sixty years, I’ll look back on our beginning, and smile at how much I’ve loved you and how far we’ve made it in life together. Happy Anniversary, Bubba. ~Elizabeth  

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    Mail Delivery

    It feels rare to receive something for free in the mail these days, but a couple of days ago, it happened.  Even so, I can’t keep the package for myself.  It will soon be on its way to Texas to a dear friend of mine who recently delivered her second child. (And if you are the said friend, then please stop reading. It will spoil the surprise. lol.) What is in the package, you ponder?  It is a few Spark Cards that a New Jersey-ian named Hillary is sending out for FREE.  She hopes the cards will encourage conversations between other mothers, and then leave them behind for others to…

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    Thoughts & A Recipe

      It’s blazing hot outside, but I can’t be bothered by details.  I had to make myself a cup of hot chocolate while I dream of cooler days.  I can’t help it.  Summer just isn’t my season.  To add more insult to summer, I also made a large pot full of hearty chicken soup.   Ahh…summer.  You can leave now; and take your humidity with you.     On other topics, I actually have quite a bit that I want to say.  I just haven’t been spitting them out.  Does that happen to you?  I do plan on talking about my failing vegetable garden, and the homeschooling programs we are…

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    nostalgia & a broken heart

    Pic Source   My heart broke today. Not for a person; for nostalgia. It’s funny, I never imagined handwritten letters, such a common skill, could become close to ceasing its existence. Writing is my love language, but handwriting letters is an impalpable love of mine. There is something about scribbling words onto a crisp sheet of paper that someone could possibly hold onto forever.   In case you’re wondering what brought this on. It is simple, really. I was in need of new stationary. Good old fashioned set of plain quality paper with envelopes. I went to five different stores and couldn’t find anything except for notecards. Beautiful as they…