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    What a day.

    Today beat me up, shoved me to the ground and called me a w-e-e-n-i-e.  The day began at 7:50 this morning and is just now coming to a god blessed close.  At least I hope.  I’m pretty sure I could bet you one hundred dollars that I will be cleaning bodily fluids throughout the night and come out the winner.  I don’t even have a hundred bucks to bet and I would still bet you! And that statement right there sets the tone over the last 13 hours of this cra-zy day.  In fact, I sent a text message to my friend Crystal around ten this morning: Get this.  Rori’s…

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    The idea for this post came from Bridget and Anna. Thanks for the idea ladies. COOKING  nothing lately.  i’m in a ‘fend for yourself’ streak!  i’m slowly emerging out of the phase though.  in fact, i will be picking up a couple of vegan cookbooks I’ve had on hold at the library today.  who knows! perhaps i will even cook something nice tonight. DRINKING  lemon water and tea pigs.  for the first time in my life I’m brewing something other than Luzianne iced tea!  after watching Essie Button’s video I let myself be suckered into purchasing a sample package from her beloved Tea Pigs.  I have to say that I’m…

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    Fortunate Brat

    I made it through another Thanksgiving declaring my usual stance, “…I’m never, ever, ever, cooking again!” (total lie)  It was yummy and blessed though.  I’m a fortunate brat that has plenty to be thankful for, and I am.  We almost didn’t celebrate this year; Bubba had planned to work extra hours and we didn’t have family coming to visit.  But, at the last minute, (the day before) we decided to buy the ham and start cooking in honor of all that we have been blessed with this year.  And it was good.  Our bellies were bloated.  Our hearts thankful.  And we had leftovers for a few days. Life is joyful!

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    of late

    The mornings start early here; weekend or not.  I’m always the first to wake.  I drag myself downstairs to enjoy a cup of Jo and eat before the chaos begins.  During the weekdays, Bubba flies out the door swallowing the last of whatever breakfast he scarfed down with a coffee cup in hand.  Then the kids and I do schoolwork, cook, eat, clean, and try to keep ourselves semi-entertained during the minute’s in-between.  Most of the in-between moments are spent outside in the backyard in an effort to soak up the last of summer.  (88 degrees today! I’m trying to be positive but I’m ready for cool weather)  While the…

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    Front Porch Haircut

    Bringing back the chilly bowl, guys.  Just kidding!  Could you imagine if it did come back in style?  Just wanted to take a minute and document Scout’s front porch hair cut.  One day he will want a professional to do it, but for now, he believes that he is the coolest kid because his daddy does it for him.  ((So sweet))  However, I don’t have a picture of the finished cut.  I know, I know, what was I thinking?  But the pictures on this post is pretty much what it looks like now.