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    Scout’s British Accent

    I can’t pinpoint when this started, but over the last couple of months we’ve noticed that Scout will say certain words with an accent that sounds slightly, British.  It’s NOT a perfect British accent, however, you can tell something is there.  We are assuming that it is coming from a cartoon called, Peppa Pig.  He loves this show and watches it in the evening after dinner.  Sounds logical.  Don’t worry family, his southern twang is very much still intact.  Anyway.  It’s definitely cute (I’m biased!) and I thought I would share a little video. 

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    Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden | Charlotte, North Carolina

    A few months ago, April I think, we drove to the very edge of Charlotte–basically South Carolina–to visit the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.  It is the smallest botanical garden I’ve visited, but I am comparing it to the Ft. Worth botanical garden, which isn’t fair since everything seems to be bigger in Texas.  Evidently, the owners must share the same thought as myself because they are already posting signs with new maps boasting a garden expansion.  In fact, they have already broken ground on it!  I’m excited to see what they add to the place.   They also offer an amateur photo contest every year and I’ve thought about entering it…

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    Converting to Catholicism

    ….that’s cussing words here in the south and it’s usually responded with an, “Are you out of your damn mind!?”  (Don’t forget to add the southern twang.) I knew I was going to get it after I vaguely announced on Facebook that I have been thinking of joining the Catholic church.  I posted a picture of St. Peters in downtown Charlotte and wrote, “I’m probably getting ahead of myself but this could be our new church. We’ll see though, in the months to come.”  I waited and expected nothing less than what was dished to me.  The first email I received was from my aunt who is Catholic (the only…

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    Every year of gardening brings failures, successes, and lessons to be remembered.  Last year, for example, we experienced an abundance of rain.  During the month of July, it rained every day.  Sometimes all day and other times it was just for a few hours.  The lesson I learned very quickly is that there is such a thing as over watering.  Over watering will either kill your plants or inhibit their growth.  That month of heavy rain rotted half my garden and the rest of it grew small & tasteless vegetables. This year, I have learned that planting my seeds in a raised bed filled with good dirt really does make…

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    The Andy Griffith show is before my time, but like most people my age, we had parents that subjected us to reruns.  The show made a small town in North Carolina famous.  The fictional town of Mayberry is the actual town of, Mt. Airey.   “Mayberry” is often romanticized by people who daydream of living in that picturesque town where residents know your life story, everyone is friendly and traffic doesn’t exist.  The air is clean and the crime is low and people reside in cute farmhouses.   Guess what?  Mt. Airey really is like that.  I didn’t think it would be, but it is.   Visiting this little town that sits…