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    Weekly Menu || Vol.007

    If only it were really strawberry season!  One can dream… This week for dinner!  Finally got my list made, albeit, later than I intended.  No sweat off my back though. MON:  Amy’s canned chili and cornbread TUES:  Tofu ricotta stuffed manicotti and salad WED:  Sweet potato rice casserole THURS:  Twice baked potatoes, cauliflower wings and corn FRI:  Soy fish tacos with chips and salsa SAT:  Baked ravioli with salad SUN:  Day off; we’re eating out!  

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    Disappointing Books of 2015

    I want to preface by saying that I don’t think any of these books are inherently bad.  They are ALL well written or they obviously wouldn’t have been published.  Really, it is about the high expectations I set for each book and feeling that the books were flat, confusing, or predictable. The Wicked And The Divine There is a lot of hype around this graphic novel series and I totally had high expectations for it because of that.  My reasons for disliking this book is simple: I couldn’t follow the plot.  It is confusing from the first page and I could never really figure out what is happening.  I gave…

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    Weekly Menu || Vol.006

    I almost didn’t make it today with my list.  I was distracted all of yesterday and plain busy today with unexpected errands.  But I needed to make a list, even if I can’t make it to the store for shopping tonight like I usually do, because if I didn’t, it would make tomorrow that more exhausting. MON:  Calzones with a green salad TUES:  Veggie tacos with Tex-mex salad and rice WED:  Maple glazed carrots, lentils w/potatoes, stuffing THURS: Vegetable stew with toasted bread (The temps will finally drop a little!) FRI:  Twice baked potatoes with chili SAT: Mushroom risotto (dairy free) with vegetables SUN: Meatless meatball subs with olives and…

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    Weekly Menu || Vol.005

    Whaaat?  I can’t believe this will be two weeks in a row that I’m posting our weekly menu.  I’ll have to pat myself on the back for hitting a goal.  Or at least progressing in my goal. The theme of this week is the same as last week.  Simplicity.  MON: Vegetarian Chili with Cornbread TUES:  Fettuccine with Avocado Sauce and Salad WED: Tortilla Soup and Rice (From Bridget’s menu) THURS: Pizza Night! FRI:  Pancakes or some sort of breakfast food. SAT:  Vegan Sloppy Joe’s and vegetables (I didn’t make this last week like I planned so I’m moving it forward to this week.) SUN: Potato Soup with Grilled Sandwiches After…

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    Weekly Menu || Vol.004

    It has been a very long time since I last wrote a weekly menu.  I make one every week for our family, leaving me with little excuse for not posting it here like I’ve wanted.  Writing it here gives me an archive to look through without having the clutter of keeping it in a notebook.  It can also inspire others if they happen to come across it. Anyway, I think it is time for more consistency and today is my attempt for just that. Just one note before I list it.  I’ve been preparing less time consuming meals lately.  I’ve been a little burnt out with elaborate recipes and meals,…