W H O :  i’m Liz

W H A T :  stay at home mother

W H E N :  since 2010

W H E R E :  North Carolina

T O P I C S : life, gardening, homeschooling, food, and a lot of sweet nothings.



I’m Elizabeth, a girl that loves to journal and write letters. 

You can call me Liz if you would like, most people do.

This is a personal blog, and I enjoy what I do here.  It’s a place that collects my thoughts and opinions and life nothings.  As a reader you will find a few grunts and grumbles from yours truly, family stories, and a tall tale or two about the calamities of life.  And although I normally do not mention Christ on here, you should know that he is VERY much a part of our life, every day.   We practice our Christian faith under the Roman Catholic Church.  We were recieved into the church in March 2016.

I have been documenting my life in one way or another since, probably forever.  Whether I tell it, write it, journal it, draw it, snap it, or blog it, somehow the events of my life will be documented. 

Want to know more about me?
I’m a thirty-something living in the beautiful state of North Carolina, but was raised in the heart of Texas.  I have lived in other states as well.  Within six years, I have lived in Illinois, Utah, Texas, and North Carolina.   My husband Bubba and I have three children, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Now, pull up a chair and get comfortable.  We have a lot to catch up on.