Almost Finished

Wowza! It has been nearly six weeks since I’ve posted anything magical (insert eye roll) on this blog and the first time I’m going to pop back, I’m going to write about knitting (again) for Ginny’s yarn along link up. 

I’ve actually thought about closing this blog down, but I ultimately decided not to.  Once upon a time, during the blog boom, I had loftier ambitions for this space, but now I look at it as my trusty companion that holds a few memories or thoughts for myself that I would forget otherwise.

I also want to confess that I am utterly addicted right now to YouTube.  Seriously.  I can’t believe all the talent that is out there and how willing people are to go out of their way to show people the smallest things.  For example: there are videos on how to cut a watermelon.  Really! There is!  People are (so) willing to share (so) much (and) it’s great (and) sometimes I want to jump on that bandwagon.  So I’ve been thinking about making videos here and there.  I’m not the only one joining this new venture.  Charlotte has been dabbling in it as well.  We seem to run parallel sometimes in our interests!


This is supposed to be a post about knitting and reading so I think I need to save my rambles  for another day.

(Big Breath In…)  I’m ALMOST FINISHED with this blanket!!! Holy Moly, I thought I would never see the light at the end of this long yarn tunnel but it’s here.  I am technically on my last skein of yarn for this bad boy but I think I’m going to fly overboard and add one more skein.  More than likely a dark brown color.

As for my current choice in reading, I have dived into the world of art books.  This particular sketch book teaches the beginners stuff.  And oh boy am I a beginner.  I’ve always enjoyed the idea of being able to sketch or paint but I honestly don’t have a lick of talent.  But who cares, right??!!  It’s my hobby and I can do what I want.  So far I’ve illustrated a couple of things that I may share on here along with links to any tutorials I may have used.  We’ll see though.

But for right now, I’m going to bask in the thoughts of being (almost) finished with this knit project. 🙂


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