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As with any other typical night, I laid in bed asleep.  However, this particular evening, I could swear to you that someone was watching me.  You know the feeling. So I opened my eyes and lo and behold, Bubba laid there staring at me.  

Without hesitation and before I could utter a word, he says to me, “You have really big boogers in your nose.”  

Okay, so it was just a dream.  But it felt so real.  I woke up at that moment in my dream and had to debate if it actually happened. 

We are beginning to dig our heels into our new place…again.  In case you missed the memo, we have had to move two times in 2.5 months. 

Do you realize how exhausting that is?  How financially draining that is?

Anyway, most of the boxes that we absolutely need, have been unpacked.  The flattened boxes are currently being stored underneath the bed.  No pictures will hang on the walls, and no decorating will be done to make it feel homey.  Why, you ask? Because we will more than likely be moving again in 4 months.  I mean, anything can change, but there is a chance we will have to move for Bubba’s job after he graduates in December. 

We have been enduring a massive heat wave here in the South.  Being from the south, we are no strangers to the heat, but even the most summer loving locals are screaming UNCLE!  

Bubba also works in a non air conditioned facility and has experienced his first heat exhaustion along with many of his other co-workers.  2 of his co-workers passed out, 3 have puked and suffered severe cramping along with a string of other symptoms.  It’s crazy hot to say the least.

135 is the magic number of days that Bubba has remaining until graduation!  In fact, yesterday he applied for his graduation taking place this December.  Yay!!  The light at the end of the tunnel has just become a little brighter.

We have been attending Sunday Mass at a new parish since we moved and it has been really nice.  However, Nathan and I laughed until we cried twice now during mass!  So embarrassing!

I swear to you our reasons are legit.  It is also a story on its own so I’ll save it for another time.

Homeschool is about to start and I’ve been scouring through curriculum and organization ideas to try a make this year (that will undoubtedly be crazy) as smooth as it can be.

Lastly, we’ve taken the time to enjoy our new city.  This is the first time we’ve lived in an actual large city and want to take advantage of the close proximity to different  recreational activities.  This week we took the kids to downtown Charlotte to enjoy the a/c at the Kids Discovery Zone and then to the splash pad.  It wore the kids out which is exactly what we were hoping.  

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