Debt Confession Series | Introduction

This year, thus far, is proving to be a slightly smoother ride compared to last year.  In January, I set out to accomplish many goals, as one typically does, only to scrap them all after reading an article online that left me with a reality check and a tough question to answer.

I’ll spare the heart breaking details, but it was the ending question that made me pause and rethink everything.  The question was simple–Do you have a plan if castastrophe happens in your life?

The question was more or less geared to financial circumstances, however, my answer was/is an alarming– NO.

My own answer scared me because we were at a near miss for the same misfortune that was plaguing this young writer when Bubba had his brain tumor scare.  We weren’t prepared then and we are not prepared now.  How quickly I forget all the bullets we narrowly dodged.

This dying 27 year old and his young wife were destroyed financially within a mere year and suffered loss in the form of materials, credit, dignity, health, and soon, each other.  It was a tough read for sure, but it wasn’t your pity that he was after.  No-no.  This man was after change .  A change within how society handles their money and future as well as the broader picture of healthcare reform.

And he ended his story with that simple question as a way to stand in front of you and let you know that it could easily be you that is standing in his shoes if you don’t at least try and get it together.

After reading this I remember promptly yelling for Bubba’s attention.  I explained everything I just read and I pleaded for a change.  He loosely agreed with me at the time, but now, 4 months later he is fully invested.

To make the necessary changes, I needed a plan that didn’t feel overwhelming and is broken down into terms I could understand.  In January, I checked out the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey– a book I had casually read the prior year from the library.

Not wanting to waste time, we jumped in with a prayer and began laying the groundwork for our February expenses the way Dave suggests–using the zero sum method.

Four months into this system and miraculous things are happening folks, and I can’t wait to share the rest of our beginnings in this journey.   Stay tuned!

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