Big Night

Tonight is the big night for the little kids, Bubba, and myself. Spiritually speaking.

Tonight, Bubba and I will be confirmed as Catholics in front of a very large congregation that’s causing my incessant stage fright to flair up. I’ve been moaning and groaning about it all week.

It’s that bad.

To make it worse, they have saved us a spot in the front row and we will be the first to take communion.

In front of everyone.

All eyes on me.

At least in my mind that’s what is happening.

This doesn’t include standing in the front to actually be confirmed.

Then I have to stand up front again so the little ones can be baptized.

Despite my nerves, I’m so relieved to be doing this and I feel even luckier to have it happen on such a big day for Christians! (Holy Saturday)

Anyway, the Catholic church celebrates Saturday after sundown. That makes it at 8 o’clock tonight and it’ll last until about 10:30.

(I have no clue how the kids will behave considering it begins at their bedtime )

Oh! I almost forgot. I had my first confession this morning too. Eeee gads. It’ll take some getting used to.

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