The idea for this post came from Bridget and Anna.

Thanks for the idea ladies.

COOKING  nothing lately.  i’m in a ‘fend for yourself’ streak!  i’m slowly emerging out of the phase though.  in fact, i will be picking up a couple of vegan cookbooks I’ve had on hold at the library today.  who knows! perhaps i will even cook something nice tonight.

DRINKING  lemon water and tea pigs.  for the first time in my life I’m brewing something other than Luzianne iced tea!  after watching Essie Button’s video I let myself be suckered into purchasing a sample package from her beloved Tea Pigs.  I have to say that I’m not disappointed!  I really like the green and licorice with mint teas.    I’ve also filled a pitcher full of water with sliced lemon in it and it has become my goal to drink the whole thing everyday.  Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m getting there. 

WANTING  a new pair of shoes.  i’ll be going on vacation soon so i’m in the market for a stylish sandal that can offer comfort while trekking around the city.

WATCHING  ugh.  dumb and dumber.  bubba made me watch it. 

READING  i’ve picked my dragonfly in amber book back up and recently finished, yes please.

LISTENING TO  Illumination by Jennifer Thomas  if you need the perfect inspiring instrumental piece of music then look no further.  even if you don’t normally listen to this genre, you will still like it.  even bubba likes it! (and that’s saying something)  this song is bold as it is beautiful. 

EATING  a bunch of vegetables.  sort of goes hand in hand when you decide to live a vegan lifestyle.

WISHING  i was on vacation.  i’m so ready!  just two more months and we are driving to boston.  hopefully the city will have thawed out by then! the area has been setting new snow records for the past two months.  i don’t even think peeps will be able to talk about 2015 without someone mentioning boston blizzards.  it’s unreal! 

ENJOYING  getting back into my writing.  I went over a month without sitting down to journal, blog, or write letters and i missed it terribly.  i’m just not myself when I don’t sit down and write it all out.  so yeah… i’m happy to be documenting our happy memories again.  🙂

NEEDING  to get out more!  i’ve been feeling housebound this winter and i’m ready to venture out and have a few adventures.

FEELING  excited to see if i placed in an amateur photo contest.  i submitted a photo in december and the winners are supposed to be announced in February.  if i win i receive free admission to the botanical garden for one year. 

WEARING  my new sweat pants from old navy.  i’m obsessed with them.  i take them off long enough to throw them into the washer and dryer and then i pace around until i hear the buzzer.  then i slip those puppies back on.  bubba is the same way.  we both bought a pair and they are the softest–most comfortable–pair of sweats i think we have ever owned. 

BOOKMARKING  a ton of ‘must-do’s’ in boston from blogs and websites.  like checking out this gorgeous library.

LOVING  this little moment of peace and quiet i’ve been given to actually sit down and type without interruption.  do you know what that feels like?  —amaze-balls—  that’s how it feels.

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