Well, well, well

I’m linking this beauty up with Ginny at Small Things

i can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to wake in the morning to find you have no electricity in a completely electric run house. Good times. we are told it should be restored by 12:30, so at least it won’t be out all day! (I’m typing this post from my phone. Please excuse the sloppy writing)

However, I really did want to post about the knitting project I’ve started. It’s another throw blanket. If you remember the great disaster of the last one I tried to knit, then I’m sure you’re looking at your screen with a raised eyebrow asking, “…and you’re trying again?”  

Yes I am. But this is a straight knit pattern and so far it is going well. (Knock on wood). The only trouble I’m having is choosing the colors. Initially I planned to use all the scrap yarn I had to make scout a blanket for his bed, however it wasn’t quite wide enough. Now that I’ve decided to turn it into a throw for the living room, I want to use different colors.

Any ideas for colors? 

As for the book, I checked out Rachel Khoo cookbook from the library yesterday.  

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