of late

The mornings start early here; weekend or not.  I’m always the first to wake.  I drag myself downstairs to enjoy a cup of Jo and eat before the chaos begins. 

During the weekdays, Bubba flies out the door swallowing the last of whatever breakfast he scarfed down with a coffee cup in hand.  Then the kids and I do schoolwork, cook, eat, clean, and try to keep ourselves semi-entertained during the minute’s in-between.  Most of the in-between moments are spent outside in the backyard in an effort to soak up the last of summer.  (88 degrees today! I’m trying to be positive but I’m ready for cool weather)  While the kids play, I strut to the garden to nurse my first fall plants and prepare the rest of the empty beds for winter.  It’s usually me pulling weeds, throwing spike balls over the fence, and hauling leaves to the compost.  Fun stuff.

I did break up the monotony last weekend with a trip to Aw Shucks Farm.  I felt I owed it to their childhood.  You see, despite living in desert heat, my grandparents managed to successfully grow apple, pecan, peach, and pear trees.  Many of my delightful childhood memories revolve around helping my grandparents pick the fruits from those trees and I always wanted my kiddos to have similar experiences.  So…I took them to this farm that boasted an array of kid activities with a fall theme.  However, it was not very fun.  Oh the kids had a blast, but it wasn’t to fun for me!  I’ll explain in a different post.

Let’s see; what else?  Bubba and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week! Go us!  I would normally write something mushy or try and give my two cents on what makes a marriage work, but I’ll spare you this year.  But for the record; married life is bliss. 😉  (totally not the most flattering photo of us, but this is all I had on hand at the moment)

After hearing much ado, I finally picked up this book from the library.  It’s called, We Were Liars.  Oh you’ve heard of it?!  Not surprising.  So far so good though, and that’s coming from Nathan and myself since we are taking turns reading. 

We’re stuck in a dinner rut (CHICKEN AGAIN!) and I’ve been wanting to try a different type of cuisine.  I was thinking about exploring a few easy French dishes.  Haven’t looked around yet, but I was thinking of checking out Rachel Khoo’s cookbook and probably stalking a few food blogs soon.  🙂

One last thing before I wrap this up.  Nathan and I enjoyed a movie night at the theater.  It was a nice treat for us to step away from the house for a while.  We watched, Left Behind.  I was excited to see the book series I enjoyed years and years ago come to life.  Nate wasn’t into it, but I quite enjoyed it.  It was also enjoyable because we were the only people in the theater!

Alright.  That’s a wrap, I think. 

I know, we’re mundane!

Don’t worry movie goers! We were only obnoxious for this photo. We didn’t keep our feet on the chairs. 😉 

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