Random Pianist at the Library

At the library, of all places, I heard very loud music playing once.  Piano; probably a Beethoven piece.  It was so loud that I almost asked the librarian while checking out my books, since when does the library play music?  Loud music at that.  But I was enjoying the sound really; It was beautiful to listen to.  Whenever I stepped out of the library doors and into the lobby, I realized the source of the music.  A gentlemen was properly sitting at the piano that the library has stuffed into a corner on the far back wall.  Barely noticeable unless someone is playing it. 

But there he sat, pressing vigorously against the keys, a very angry and intense piece.  Every note played perfectly; at least to my own untrained ears.  How lucky–I felt–to witness such a random thing.  I haven’t heard a musician play publicly since my visit to New York City. 

Ever since that day, I’ve wondered if I would ever see this man playing again, and today I received my answer.  I could already hear him playing before I even reached the doors this time.  After handling some business within the library, I decided I would record a snippet of him on my cell phone without disturbing him.  Watch it below if you would like.  Fair warning though: it’s a terrible video and very shaky.  My picture on the front has nothing to do with the video, btw, I just figured it was better than a picture of my feet that it was using, haha! 

I wish I would have stuck around and listened.  Usually you have to pay to listen to such things these days. : )

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