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    Cape Fear

    For some people in this world, the daily grind of life, a monotonous routine, endless responsibility, and life problems will often become a few reasons they pack their bags, hop in their car and say au revoir!   Bubba and I fall somewhere between one of those.  Normally, I am the spontaneous one in our marriage, but this time Bubba is the one that broached the subject for a day trip.  I’m thankful he did, too.  I have been ready for a break from the lack luster summer days and Bubba has felt bored being home from school.  So, that’s what we did.  That next morning we left with our packed…

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    It wasn’t meant to be.

    One day I looked down at Rori and saw a gaping hole staring back at me. I don’t know what happened, but out of all the hats I have knitted, the one that came out the best, has unthreaded.  This hat has been worn a lot over the past year and when Rori put it on one day, as she always does even if it is hot, I noticed it had come undone.  Currently, the hat gathers dust sitting on my shelf, however, if anyone knows if this can be fixed and can link me to a tutorial of some sort, I would be very grateful! Hold up.  I’m not…

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    Surely by now most of you know, Molly, from Orangette— one of the most popular food bloggers– and NY Times Bestselling Author, naturally.  I have anticipated Molly’s latest book release for almost a year now, and I can’t describe to you just how super excited I am to have received an autographed copy of her latest book, Delancey. As the memoir goes, it is about the merriments and pitfalls that accompany the process of opening a restaurant alongside her husband, Brandon.  Molly gets a little raw with her feelings concerning Brandon’s bold venture into a dream that she didn’t completely share.  I don’t want to give it all away, but…

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    Hello & Chat

    There is a lot that hasn’t been said lately and that is in part to life overflowing.  Overflowing in a good way, but spilling nevertheless.  My days begin early and end late, and between these long hours, I think about all the moments I want to share on here, but right now life has me running in the middle of the day to day race.  It makes my sharing scarce.  I think it must be this way for many people because I’ve noticed my blog feed is a little less crowded. On the funny side of things, last week I opened a new bag of Doritios (a rare treat in…

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    Kids.  They put themselves in weird positions; both literally and figuratively.  The other night Bubba and I heard this odd banging sound coming from the kids bedroom.  Normally that doesn’t raise our eyebrows, but this night it sounded a bit more threatening.  As in, WTH are they breaking?  Curious, we told their older brother Nathan to scope the situation out.  From the sofa, we heard uproarious laughter from Nathan and a bunch of racket and whining from the little kids.  When Nathan came downstairs, he showed us two pictures from his ipod that explained it all.  Check out Blythe’s nook of the web to find more hilarious tales of parenthood.