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shadows simply mean there is light shining somewhere…

shadow glasses 2-1playing with shadows-1fall leaves colorized effect-1peachy glow shadows 4-1shadow collageshadow rori   brightening   bw   slight slighten
scout shadow 8-1

I dusted my camera off the other day and set out to capture a few shadow themed pictures before the sun had completely set.  I really want to begin branching out and become more creative with my photography.  I also want to use subjects other than my children.  It will take time though, mainly because at the moment, I have to drag them everywhere I go. 

Plus, taking photos of squirmy toddlers isn’t easy.  Most of them come out blurry.  Like one of the pictures above.  Still, it was fun to mess around the shadows that the natural light created, and adding effects in Photoshop made them bolder.  That is really all I have to say about this post! If you have any questions, let me know. 
Here’s to great weekend!
Do you have any “photo themes” that can challenge a stuck in the rut amateur?
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