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Waxed Leaves

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wax leaves 6-1

Nathan and I got a little crafty last night.  We dipped the leaves we had collected from the yard and the park into candle wax.  The effects are gorgeous.  At least in my humbled opinion.  I plan to use the leaves in various ways around the house, and maybe even use one as a future love letter to a stranger.  (I’ll keep you posted on that last one)  I thought about using them in a photo frame, or perhaps making a garland out of them, or maybe adorn them inside of a glass vase, along with some of the pine cones and acorns we have collected as well.  What do you think?  Any ideas?


If you’re interested in doing this with your rascals, then I’ll tell you how I did this really fast.  I bought a block of candle wax at Michael’s craft supply store.  Had the hubs cut a 1/4 chunk off, then I grated it on a cheese grater.  I preheated the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  Nathan emptied the shavings into a disposable, aluminum 8×8 pan.  Place it into the oven until it is completely melted.  Once it is melted, you simply dip each leaf into wax, coating each side, and then place onto wax paper to dry.  //Tip:  The wax cools quickly, so I placed the pan on top of one my stove top burners, turned to low, in order to keep the wax melted.  If it starts to dry, when you dip the leaves, the wax won’t be translucent.//

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