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Back Breaking Work

No lie.  Pulling up sod, digging holes, tilling by hand, lifting heavy bags of dirt…it hurts.  I was sore for two days, which is pretty sad because I pawned most of the work on Bubba.  I don’t know how he persevered through it because I pooped out.  
I came to the realization that there is no way I could make a living digging ditches, peeps.  I tip my hat off to all the hardworking folks out there, because they have a hard job.  Back breaking, too.  
No. Really.  My back ached.
Alright, I won’t whine anymore.  I promise.
The result of our hard work is beginning to show.  We started by marking our garden off with skewers and some yarn that was leftover from Halloween.  
That was the easy part. 
Then we had to remove the sod in our ghetto, homemade wheel barrow. (an empty plastic tote attached to our dolly).
Next we dug holes, tilled it a bit, and then filled it with dirt.  Then I jumped ahead and planted the seeds and potted plants which took up most of my day.  I’m not sure if I should have since the weather has been toying with us lately.  One day hot, one day chilly, but it was warm for a solid week before I planted.  However, a pesky cold front is heading our way tonight.  Hopefully the plants survive.   

We are being ambitious this year so I hope our garden will flourish.  I need to pray about it.  Praying worked for me last year.  I know this because our garden actually produced despite having nature working against us and it being my first real attempt.  
To wrap this post up, we have seeds planted along with markers on the rows.  I started my herbs in paper bags.  It is the first time I’ve done this so I hope it works.  The last little thing we have left to do is set up the fence around the garden which should be finished next week! 

Until next week…

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