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A Throw


I started working on my throw and so far, I’ve only experienced one hitch.  It was the  cast on method.  I had never used the long tailed cast on before and it took a few tries to get it down.  Once I figured it out, it proved to be a very efficient method.  I’m actually a little further along than what is pictured, but, I had already taken this set of photos a week ago and decided I may as well use them!
So you know when all the books you put on hold at the library come in at the same time?  Yeah.  That’s what happened to me. 
I’ve been reading a little bit in each book every day; although, despite my best efforts,  I’m sure I will be rechecking them out soon. : )  
The Case For Christ is really good.  This book was written by an atheist, of all people!  It was a famous journalist, Lee Strobels’, journey to prove Jesus didn’t exist, only to end his four year journey by becoming a believer.  This is a, the proof is in the pudding, sort of book.  It’s kind of a slow read because you want to memorize all the information for that ONE day that you run into someone who asks you challenging questions.  If you’re an atheist, this book will answer nearly all of those hard questions that want proof that the bible is a reliable source.
The other books I will comment on next time.  If I tried to explain each book today, this post would be a mile long!
Instead, I will leave you with a list, incase you’re interested in any of them.
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