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Finally Finished My Knitting Project…Successfully

This knitted hat that I am wearing is actually for my daughter, who is one.  Although it fits my head neatly, it’s actually a slouchy hat.  I wanted to take pictures of the hat on her, but when I finally dragged out my camera and its tripod, she had already fallen asleep.  So, it’s my head that you get to see as the model.  Ha!  Although, I think it looks much cuter on, Rori. 
And just to say this, it is much harder to take photos of yourself than I imagined.  I give major kudos to all the bloggers and models who make it look easy!

knitted hat complete 3knitted hat complete

yarn along linkup 3yarn along linkup 3-4

After the horrible experience from the first hat I tried to knit, it was a relief to have finished this one, and have it look decent.  As for the hat that had a terrible beginning and ending, I’m trying that same pattern again, hence the above photo of the gray yarn.  I’ve procrastinated with this one so far.  Hopefully my creative juices will start flowing again, giving me the umpf I’m needing to start my clicking my needles together.
The book I decided to read, The House On Oyster Creek, was a book I was excited about reading.  So much so, I talked about it frequently to my husband, who politely smiled and nodded at my enthusiasm.  He doesn’t understand my excitement for new books. 
Sadly, the book has been very disappointing.  The tone just doesn’t set well with me, and the descriptions seem to drone on and on.  I’m going to push through another couple of chapters to see if it picks up before I decide to take it back to the library.
So, if you want to see waaaaay better knits, then head over to see Ginny, at Small Things.
Anyway, do any of you knit?  Want to knit?  I would love to see your projects, just leave me your link in the comments below!

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