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I Tried To Wing It

Oh boy, this revitalized knitting journey is just not going my way.  I was confused about one of the symbols so I researched it, only to find myself not understanding the explanation of the symbols meaning.  So I did what I normally would and just winged it. When you decide to “wing it” you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  My chances just happened to land on the wrong side.  
What I’m saying is, I messed the pattern up again.  This also means I am short on my yarn, also meaning that now I have to cut a few rounds out.  If you are lost, then you can read my first post here.  Whenever I stopped knitting two years ago, I was still at the beginner level, so it really is no surprise.
But I’m determined to finish this thing, even it looks revolting. 
As far as what I personally think…
I’m really enjoying being back in the swing of things.
The yarn is really ugly!!  It looked okay when it was wrapped up in a ball at the store, but after seeing it in a knitted pattern…I just can’t dig it.
Despite failing with this hat, even on my third try (isn’t third time supposed to be the charm?) I am looking at the bright side of it.  It means I’m learning…albeit the hard way…but learning none the less. 
The two books I am reading are on opposite sides of the spectrum.  One is an older teen fiction titled, A Temptation of Angels, and the other is an adult women’s fiction titled, Nights in Roadanthe.  Right now I’ve focused mainly on the first book.  It is highly addicting to read and full of mystery.  If you can put aside the teeny-bopper romance, then I would suggest anyone who enjoys a little wonderment and mystery to read this book.  The other one is slow, dramatic, and romantic, which is Nicholas Sparks signature style.
Any how, I plan on finishing up this hat by the end of the week and then I will be looking for a new hat pattern for a teen.
Any pattern suggestions would be appreciated!! (as long as it is an “easy” level, lol)

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