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    Garden Gate

    We kind of live in a mini-forest with a lot of deer that frequently visit our lawn,  so putting a small fence and gate around it was a logical move.  My husband installed the whole thing…god bless that man! As for that little green fella at the top, he and his friend hang out in the garden.  He also enjoyed hanging out in my hair one day, causing me to slightly freakout.  I screamed, did a little dance, while shaking my hair violently.  My children thought my screaming and dance was just too cool, so they started to scream and dance…except my oldest…he just watched and laughed from the window.…

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    The Weekend

    This weekend has been nothing but pouring rain, giving us all a case of cabin fever.  I tried giving the kids a lot of indoor activities: coloring, blocks, reading,  and movies.  When it really began to rain hard, leaving large puddles in the yard, the kids danced and stared out the window…daydreaming about sunnier days, I’m sure.  If it wasn’t chilly, I would have stripped them down to their diapers and let them play in the rain.  I loved doing that as kid during a summer storm. The weekend was truly uneventful and boring.  Other than a few errands and a little baking, I really didn’t do much except soak…

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    Throwing Out The Rules

    Our weekend was slow and uneventful, and that was just fine with me.  I have been in need of a little rest from our constant go, go, go schedule. I threw out the mom rules this weekend and let the kids eat cake for breakfast.  They loved it.// I also made cinnamon rolls from scratch–it is really the only to eat them.  I promise that if you take the time to make them then you will never buy the canned version again.// I let Scout work on his coordination skills using beans.  He would spoon them into a muffin tin….and eventually the floor.// The rest of my time was taking…

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    Living On Less

    After a grumbling conversation with myself this morning, I finally made the decision to get this post out of my draft box. For whatever reason, I’ve had a hard time finding the words to introduce this series on my blog. In a nutshell, this will be tips on how we save money by making small changes in our lifestyle and by becoming more self sufficient.   In order to not bore you to death with a long story of how we came to live the way that we do, I figure the short version that can be squeezed into a paragraph or two will be much easier for all of us.  …

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    i’m gone for an hour

    I left the house to run to the store for a few things.  As I was leaving Bubba informs me that he is going to trim Scout’s hair. An hour later I walk in… Me: What happened!? Bubba:  He wiggled.  I did what I had to do. Sigh…all those pretty curls…gone.   It is growing on me though.