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    Over The Weekend

    It never gets old having your baby fall asleep on you | The clouds began rolling in, making it rainy for days | Spices I used to make a new rub for the pork. The rub was great but the pork was rubbery. Oh well. | Scout playing peek-a-boo | a ring dish I won from Ceraminic. I’ve been stalking my mailbox all week waiting for it to arrive. | I actually put on makeup and wore my hair down | the boys | a cold, cloudy, and wet day deserved popcorn and a movie with the kids curled up on the couch. How was your weekend?  

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    Scenes From DC | Part II

    The Smithsonian: American History Museum  Could you imagine vacuuming with this ladies!? Just so you know, I would have totally pimped that Winnebago for this trip.  My kids were so squished in our backseat, it was ridiculous.  The Smithsonian was by far my favorite spot.  My favorite exhibit was the Star Spangled Banner.  That flag is HUGE!  To put it in perspective, if your bedroom is 10X12, then imagine three bedrooms and that would be the size of the flag.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but they don’t allow it. 🙁   I wish I could have taken more photos in general, but it was REALLY hard for…

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    Yarn Along

    When we packed our bags in Utah and headed back south to Texas, I never really unpacked my yarn and knitting needles.  I have a few excuses and a few reasons, but none of it really matters.  I guess the urge to knit warm things in such hot weather never made any sense in my mind.  So…they sat in a box collecting dust for TWO years.   And since we moved to North Carolina, where the weather has proved to be cooler, and I suddenly became an avid reader of Small Things, my knitting aspirations have come back to me.   That….and because my husband and oldest son keep begging me to…

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    Gardening | DIY Seed Starter

    It’s that time of year again.  I’ve been hustling and bustling in preparation for my vegetable and flower garden.  Gardening, at one point in my life, I mocked.  Maybe it is a maturity thing, but I’ve found the concept of hand to mouth, lending me a sense of self-gratification that stems from growing your own food.   When it comes to planting, I am about as impatient as a two year old.  I always want to plant earlier than is recommended, usually resulting in withering leaves, and a disappointed Liz.   But I’m trying to suffocate my eagerness this year, especially being in a new state and being unfamiliar with its…