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Weekly Menu || Vol.005

Whaaat?  I can’t believe this will be two weeks in a row that I’m posting our weekly menu.  I’ll have to pat myself on the back for hitting a goal.  Or at least progressing in my goal.

The theme of this week is the same as last week.  Simplicity. 

MON: Vegetarian Chili with Cornbread

TUES:  Fettuccine with Avocado Sauce and Salad

WED: Tortilla Soup and Rice (From Bridget’s menu)

THURS: Pizza Night!

FRI:  Pancakes or some sort of breakfast food.

SAT:  Vegan Sloppy Joe’s and vegetables (I didn’t make this last week like I planned so I’m moving it forward to this week.)

SUN: Potato Soup with Grilled Sandwiches

After typing this out it appears that I’m in a soup mood. Ha! It’ll still taste good.  Just wish it was colder outside to enjoy it more.  71 degrees! In December! Some would love it but after a boiling summer, I’m ready winter.



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