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Disappointing Books of 2015

I want to preface by saying that I don’t think any of these books are inherently bad.  They are ALL well written or they obviously wouldn’t have been published.  Really, it is about the high expectations I set for each book and feeling that the books were flat, confusing, or predictable.

The Wicked And The Divine There is a lot of hype around this graphic novel series and I totally had high expectations for it because of that.  My reasons for disliking this book is simple: I couldn’t follow the plot.  It is confusing from the first page and I could never really figure out what is happening.  I gave up about half way through it!  

The Duff  I was hoping for a lot of cheap laughs when I purchased this book, but this is another book I couldn’tfinish.  It is a well written book but I found the immaturity of the characters unrelatable. (I had no idea until just now that unrelatable is not really a word. I learn something new every day!

Maybe it’s because I’m so far passed the teen phase…I don’t know.  Overall, I found it a bit cheesy.  Is ‘cheesy’ showing my age? Case and point!

The Boston Girl  Again, this was a much talked about book and I found the plot to be predictable.  I was able to guess nearly every story in each chapter.   Nothing really excited me about this book past chapter 2.  Overall, It wasn’t my taste or my speed!

End Times  This was a ‘take a chance’ YA book.  I saw someone else reading it and thought it was up my alley of interests.  Turns out, not so much.  I found the mixture of biblical end time warnings mixed with her own end times imagination to be sporadic and lacking sense.  I like the overall idea of the story, but I feel it wasn’t executed well.  Also, the characters are too fickle. (seriously! who acts like that, let alone an entire town.)  Speaking of town, why are the end of the world events only taking place in this town while the rest of the world doesn’t seem to notice?  In all, the story can carry your attention to the end out of curiosity, but in order to find what really happens, you need to read the second book.  

I think what it really boils down to is this:  I’m passed the YA books.  I have a hard time relating to the thoughts and decisions the characters make in most of them.  

Do any of you feel this way about YA books or do you still find them to be enjoyable?   Did you find any books disappointing in 2015?    

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