flour || vol.001 brioche

I figure it is time to begin documenting for my little pet project.  This isn’t the first recipe I have made from my recently announced Flour cookbook journey, but it is a good one to start with.  This loaf of brioche was my first attempt at making such a thing and its success has nothing to do with me, but rather the detailed, two page, list of instructions that Joanne provided.  If it weren’t for those little details, I would have thought I messed up at least five times within the whole process and probably would have trashed the darn thing somewhere between those “where did I go wrong” moments.  Alas!  Her instructions saved the brioche and lifted all my unexperienced worries. 

It was a time consuming process (2 days) but well worth it in the end. 

We didn’t eat the whole loaf that day, so, I patiently waited a few days for the loaf to dry out, slapping hands that tried to break a piece of bread off its corners. 

I used the stale loaf to make a very rich French toast.  Bubba praised me for days. But, with that being said, he isn’t hard to please.

I give this recipe two-thumbs up.  Try it for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.  🙂

Weekly Menu

Once in awhile I like to share what we eat.  It’s something we all have to do every day and sometimes, when we are trying to think of something to make for dinner, it’s nice to have ideas thrown out there for us to use. 

We live on a very tight grocery budget so our meals are usually simple and kid friendly.  I use a plethora of online recipes, my own, and from cookbooks.  I’m not claiming that they are healthy or nutritious, but they are definitely edible. Ha! 

Anyway.  I hope our list helps to inspire you for the week.

fajita style quesadilla’s  (made with marinated skirt steak, monterey jack/cheddar cheeses)

loaded baked potatoes (cheese steak fries with fruit for the kids)

maple glazed salmon with fingerling potatoes and veggie rice

flatbread pizza – southwestern style for the adults

breakfast for dinner: homemade cheddar biscuits, eggs, gravy, and turkey bacon

baked rigatoni with meat sauce and toasted baguette

baked chicken with roasted veggies, edaname, and toasted baguette