It Figures + Urban Sketch

  I've slowly been adding a few urban sketches to my journal and so far I really enjoy drawing them.  If you want to know more about what it is then you can check it out by doing a simple google search. :)  I was able to learn by doing this drawing that a white gel pen doesn't always make the best highlighter option.  I'll probably try gouache (spelling?) next time.
I’ve slowly been adding a few urban sketches to my journal and so far I really enjoy drawing them.  If you want to know more about what it is then you can check it out by doing a simple google search. 🙂  I was able to learn by doing this drawing that a white gel pen doesn’t always make the best highlighter option.  I’ll probably try gouache (spelling?) next time.

On July 16th, my morning started early.  I had a lot to do and needed to be out of the house with kids in tow by 8.  Being the morning hater that I am, I woke up especially early (6:15am) and do what most adults do to get themselves perky.  I made a bee line for the beloved coffee pot and with one eye barely open, I moved through the motions of prepping the machine.  When I tried to pour the coffee into the filter, nothing came out of my empty canister. 

{{Palm to forehead}}

Slight panic ensued and I told Bubba (who was already dressed and ready for the day) to quickly run to the store, but all he said is, “No such luck, toots.  Gotta be at school early to study.”

Desperation is a funny thing and an apparent adrenaline booster.  I wasted zero time throwing on my shoes, clothes, and brushing my teeth to drive to the our local grocery store.  Unfortunately for me, the doors to the store wouldn’t open and I was referred to a sign that says “comeback, we’re closed”.  

Awe, hell no.

At this point I wasn’t opposed to slurping spilled coffee off the floor, so I paced outside for fifteen minutes until they opened at 7.  Meh.

I knew my luck was changing though;  There was a bright red sale sticker below my favorite brand of coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts for 6.99! 

After rushing through checkout and back home, I was feeling quite happy and proud of myself that all had worked out…THAT IS until I noticed the bright green label on the bag of coffee that says DECAF

NOOOOOOOOooooooo!  The horror!   Why do they even make decaf!!?  Doesn’t it defeat the purpose behind having coffee? 

Needless to say, I didn’t have any coffee that morning.  And I wasted seven dollars.

It figures.

*And because this is a blog and people judge I figure I should note that my teenage son babysat the sleeping babes while I went to the store.

Scrap Blanket

I finally picked up the scrap throw blanket I started months ago.  Progress was fast at first, but eventually my other interests took hold and my needles took a backseat for months.  I decided to pick them back up last night to finish the yellow ball of yarn.  I only have one more ball of scrap yarn left and it won’t be enough to finish the blanket so I plan to head to my local craft store for new color.  Other than that, I hope to finish this bad boy soon!!  I have a goal peeps and dang-it, I WILL finish this blanket before fall.  (Luckily fall doesn’t hit until November here, ha!)

It wasn’t meant to be.

One day I looked down at Rori and saw a gaping hole staring back at me. I don’t know what happened, but out of all the hats I have knitted, the one that came out the best, has unthreaded.  This hat has been worn a lot over the past year and when Rori put it on one day, as she always does even if it is hot, I noticed it had come undone. 

Currently, the hat gathers dust sitting on my shelf, however, if anyone knows if this can be fixed and can link me to a tutorial of some sort, I would be very grateful!

Hold up.  I’m not finished yet…

Guess what else?  A mere two weeks later, Rori managed to break into my bedroom and grab the throw blanket I had been working on.  Normally I would have been upset at the sight of nearly half of the hard work I had completed undone, knotted, and sitting in a heaping pile on the floor.  Not this time though.  This time I shrugged my shoulders and knew deep down I had been avoiding the nasty truth anyway: It just wasn’t meant to be.  I have had a love hate relationship with that throw since the day I started it and if I’m completely honest, I’m just glad someone helped push the inevitable into place.  I’m ready to move on!

As always with my knits, I’m linking up with Ginny for her Yarn Along.

Whoops! I almost forgot to mention what book I’m reading! I just checked out the much buzzed about book, The Fault In Our Stars.  It’s on sale right now, too!

R.I.P. Throw Blanket. 


This darn blanket is taking forever.  I didn’t realize how much monotonous work it entailed.  I have grown so accustomed to quickly producing hats. 

Anyway, this blanket is discouraging me a little with how long it takes to knit just one row!  Thank goodness I am fairly stubborn because this blanket will be finished one day!  I’m actually a little further than what is shown in the picture…but still a loooong way from finishing. 

As for my reading, I checked out The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen.  So far so good.

Linking up with Ginny at  Small Things today for her yarn along.

Until next time!