Gardening Goals

Much will be happening with my garden this season and I have compiled a little list of goals for the new year.  First, I need to finish the fencing.  I tore down the fence a couple weeks ago in order to expand the perimeter.  Yesterday Bubba set the fence up as much as could before running out of the wire fencing.  It’s a start!  So that mess is at the top of gardening goal list. 

Next up will be the compost.  I failed at my mine for the most part, so this year I am going to try composting in a tumbler.  I think I’m going to buy it premade instead of building it myself.  It’ll save me time and headache this way. 

I will also be raising all my garden beds.  Our soil is horrible and last year I raised a bed to see if it would work better.  It did!  So Bubba has been hard at work chopping down trees to use as the border around the beds.  I’m also adding a very large trellis.  I’ll have to show you once I have that up to give you a visual on it. 

There you have it.  Those are my major goals for the garden this year.  I won’t be doing much else since we will be moving after one more garden season.  (It feels weird to type that!)  There isn’t a need to invest so much money into something I will have to abandon, right?

|| As for the photos above, well, that’s the start of an avocado tree and the beginning process of sprouting my apple seeds.




Every year of gardening brings failures, successes, and lessons to be remembered.  Last year, for example, we experienced an abundance of rain.  During the month of July, it rained every day.  Sometimes all day and other times it was just for a few hours.  The lesson I learned very quickly is that there is such a thing as over watering.  Over watering will either kill your plants or inhibit their growth.  That month of heavy rain rotted half my garden and the rest of it grew small & tasteless vegetables.

This year, I have learned that planting my seeds in a raised bed filled with good dirt really does make a h-u-g-e difference in the taste and growth of my vegetables.  Maybe that statement isn’t true and it’s just in my head, but I can’t argue with the results in comparison to everything else that I planted into the ground.  

I also purchased most of my seeds from Johnny Seeds  this year instead of at Wal-Mart.  That is probably my smartest move yet.  Every seed I planted from Johnny Seeds grew and developed into large vegetables.  Every seed packet I purchased from Lowes/Wal-Mart was a hit and miss.  My spinach didn’t sprout, my watermelon failed, my pumpkin plants failed, the cilantro failed, and parsley failed!  The only seed I struggled to grow from Johnny Seeds were the onions.  They sprouted fine enough, but they died before I could transplant them so I ended up purchasing bulbs instead.

I think I am going stop here for now.  If I tried to sum up this whole season of gardening in one post, it would be a monster to sit and read! So this is it for now. 🙂                                        (I can’t wait to show you how much my lemon tree has grown since the picture below was taken! I’m such a nerd.)

DIY Seed Starter

Last year I posted my toilet paper diy seed starter and although it works, I have found that the paper method works much better.  I either use paper bags like I did here or like the one I’m showing you today.  I don’t suggest using this particular method if you’re starting forty different seeds inside because it can be time consuming, but if you are planting just a few flowers or herbs, then this method will work great.   

And just to show you that it does work, I included a picture above that shows my little bean has sprouted. 🙂

What you need:

leftover newspaper



small glass jar (about two inches in diameter)


Take your newspaper and begin folding sections.  The width should be about 2-3 inches wide.

Once you’re finished with folding, wrap your paper around the end of the glass and secure with the twine.  Pull the paper off the glass and begin folding the paper inward to form the bottom that will hold the dirt.  **Tip:  I cut the paper to make it easier to fold it inward. 

Viola!  Just add some dirt, water, seeds and your done!