Organize It

Well over a year ago, I was reading a post by Grace on Camp Patton, (which is sadly no longer in the blog world) and while giving a bathroom tour she mentioned how her husband mocked her for buying her spiffy necklace organizer because he could have made it for cheap.

He was right!  When I saw it, I knew I could replicate it in 30 minutes.  BUT I didn’t get around to going through with the idea until I sat on my bed one day, untangling my necklaces for the 100th time. 

Enough being enough, I sent Scout and Rori into the woods to find me the perfect stick.  Oncea stick was approved, Bubba cut the ends off, tied the leather string to the ends–per my instructions–and then twisted the hooks into place.  Badda bing, badda boom!  Now I am the proud owner of a spiffy necklace organizer.



DIY Seed Starter

Last year I posted my toilet paper diy seed starter and although it works, I have found that the paper method works much better.  I either use paper bags like I did here or like the one I’m showing you today.  I don’t suggest using this particular method if you’re starting forty different seeds inside because it can be time consuming, but if you are planting just a few flowers or herbs, then this method will work great.   

And just to show you that it does work, I included a picture above that shows my little bean has sprouted. 🙂

What you need:

leftover newspaper



small glass jar (about two inches in diameter)


Take your newspaper and begin folding sections.  The width should be about 2-3 inches wide.

Once you’re finished with folding, wrap your paper around the end of the glass and secure with the twine.  Pull the paper off the glass and begin folding the paper inward to form the bottom that will hold the dirt.  **Tip:  I cut the paper to make it easier to fold it inward. 

Viola!  Just add some dirt, water, seeds and your done!