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…Gardening.  It happens every year around this time; I become antsy with planting my vegetable garden.  I’ve started my herbs again , using the paper bag method.  It was successful last year with all my herbs and tomatoes!  I’m also using another DIY seed starter that I’ll post about later.  I still need to purchase some of the seed starters from the store though.  I want to jump start most of my seeds indoors this year in order to extend my harvest period. 

… Donuts.  We had a rare, sweet treat this weekend!  I say rare, not because we are sugar prudes, no no, we are quite the opposite.  I mean, we once drove all the way to Portland, OR  just so we could eat at Voodoo Doughnut.  I  even have a lovely picture of me stuffing my face with the Ol’ Dirty Bastard to prove it.  Yummy.   I say it is a rare treat because we do not have a donut shop close to our house. 

… DIY Play Dough.  I made this green play dough for the  kids this weekend.  They loved it and are still playing with it as I type.  I got the recipe from Pinterest, of course, and it is a pin that actually works!   (You can follow me on pinterest here if you want!)

… Sketch.  I’ve picked up my art journal again.  We’ll see where I go with this sketch.  My husband hates it, but that’s not surprising.  He is a really good drawer, and if it doesn’t look life-like or really pretty, then he doesn’t like it. Haha!

… Flowers.  The “I’m Sorry” flowers are from the hubs.  They were accompanied with a very nice letter of apology.  I accepted.  What can I say?  I’m sucker for letters and flowers.

That’s it for us!  Now tell me, how was your weekend?!

// 32

bw bday cake 3-1apple pie 2apple pie 5-1DSC_0305map pencils weekend-1messing around-1pie making 1-1weekend rori-1
little feet edited-1
I was just getting used to my twenties when 30 happened.  Now, I’m 32, and I’m three doors away from knocking on my mid-thirties.  It feels weird. 
I spoke with confidence when I turned 30 & 31, but this year, I realize I’m just getting older.  
Where I once grabbed my best girls for a night out to shut down the bars, I now capitalize on getting a day off from motherhood, chores, and wifely duties.  Life’s conundrums at its best. 
Moving on…
// I think that most of the pictures here are pretty self explanatory, however, I want to elaborate on the first one.  You know, the one with the birthday cake.  I’m the baker in this house, and therefore, I’m the birthday cake maker.  I make everyone’s cake, from scratch, and with love every year.  Even my own. 
But this year, my husband was insistent on making my cake.  My husband is a terrible baker.  He’ll admit it.  Nevertheless, he had to bake it.  Obviously, it was a coconut cake, my favorite.  I have my Great Aunt Beth to blame for it.  She made this Easter bunny cake one year when I was a kid, that had coconut layered on it to act as fur.  It was love at first bite.  I never knew frosting, cake, and coconut could mingle like that, but they do, and thank heaven for it!  I bake it once a year, every year, on my birthday.  (Before I baked, I bought it.) 
So, Bubba rose early, strapped on my apron, (kidding) and dirtied up the kitchen.  Always a good sign.  Later that evening, after all the candle fire jokes ceased, and happy birthday was sung, my husband using our daughters name by mistake, I blew out my candles in one breath.  
(Coconut flakes flew everywhere.  When you have that many candles, you have to blow pretty hard.) 
Then came the moment of truth.  Did the cake taste good?  He anxiously waited for my first bite. 
It was awful.  It was written all over my face.  Not in total disbelief, he took a bite himself.  He nodded his up and down, swallowed and then said, “Yep.  That is totally disgusting.” 
Bless his heart though.  It was in the right place. Haha!  He tried making me a cake from a box the next day to make it up to me, but he ruined that one, too.  He finally gave up and bought me a delicious coconut cupcake from the bakery. 
At least he tried.   
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A Kitchen Affair

Canning Watermark 1-1

canning jalapenos-1

Canning is a process that you have to simply hand over your entire day to.  Throw on your apron and deal with it.  It has the reputation of becoming a real time sucker

If you’re like me, who has three children under your feet at all times to manage, then it’s enough to make you batty by the end of the whole mess.  Couple this with next-to-nothing canning supplies and only working with what you have; It makes a long day even longer.  (and you can forget about eating lunch) 


This past weekend, I handed over most of my day, and managed to retain most of my good mood by the end of it all.  Despite my high spirits, I was wiped out.  I smelled like vinegar, too.  I also had very little ambition to clean the mess afterwards, but I did, because I was the only one there to do it.

freezing peppers-1


Let me back up to Friday.  Our first frost hit, so I made sure to pick every pepper I could manage—just in case—hence the canning and freezing I had to do.  I brought my herbs inside, so they are still thriving.  As for the rest of the garden, I trimmed back the asparagus ferns, artichoke, etc, and added additional dirt in preparation for Fall/Winter months.  Let’s hope they survive!

asparagus Fall 2013-1
Canning 1-1

So there you have it.  My weekend in a nutshell.  It was full of peppers, tomatoes, canning, gardening and cleaning. 

At least it is finished.

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Here are some outtakes from the jalapeno jar photo shoot.  I told ya, I always gotta kid on my heels.

outtakes 1-1  outtakes 3-1outtakes 2-1outtakes 4-1

carbon copy weekend

Mexican Rice edited-1peppers 1tinted lip balm-1DSC_0277_edited-1write more love lettersDSC_0274_edited-1kids and garden-1DSC_0298_edited-1pepper 2Scout weekend edited-1slow weekend-1

Our weekend was a carbon copy from the weekend before that.  A little bit of cooking here and there mixed in with great fall weather that allowed us to either stay outside and play for hours or cuddle inside when it started to rain.  As mundane as it seems, it was a great weekend that allowed me to finish my book, make a dent in my knitting, and of course clean and take care of little ones.
//1  My Mexican Rice.  Recipe will be posted later this week. 😉
//2  My peppers have been growing like wild flowers.  It feels so satisfying to cultivate and grow your own food.
//3  Mama’s tinted lip balm on baby girl’s lips.  She was excited; can you tell!?
//4  A reader of mine suggested buying a set of window markers for the kids on rainy days.   I so appreciate that whisper of advice because it was a sanity saver that day!  Plus, the kids go wild for it.  It seriously kept Scout entertained for almost two hours.  Go buy some!
//5  This is love letter to a stranger that I promised myself to leave behind somewhere in a public place but forgot to do it!!  Every time I left the house, I would leave the letter on the shelf.  Hopefully this week I can get the job done.  If you’re interested in why I’m doing this and what it is about, click here.
//6  Outside time was plentiful for the kids.
//7  My moist, buttery, roasted chicken.  It was so delicious!
//8  My PURPLE bell peppers.  I had no idea these existed until they started growing in my garden.  They are bright green on the inside and they have a mild sweet taste.  Cool, huh?!!  
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a bit of nature & gold digging


1// It took me forever to catch a picture of that dragonfly.  If you will, picture me sitting on the very edge of the dock, arm outstretched as far as it would reach, with a camera dangling from my hand.  It was  a funny disaster begging to happen.  I thought at any moment, I would be taking a dip into the pond, taking my very expensive camera down with me.  Luckily that didn’t happen! 
2// My niece, Kaylie, caught a turtle three times.  I’ve never seen that happen before, so I was quite smitten with the experience. 
3// The picture of the red leaf has me yearning for the cool, crisp, days of Fall.  I can’t wait to be done with this muggy, humid, hot weather.
4//  Finally, my nephew Kayden, was the only lucky one to catch a fish!  It was a small perch, so it was a catch and release.
5//  We also went to Reeds Goldmine and panned for gold.  I forgot to bring my camera along with me, which I totally regretted because this place was beyond cool.  Kaylie was the lucky duck and found a tiny rock of gold!  I have a few pictures from my phone of the trip, however, I don’t think they will give the place justice.
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The Weekend


1// At top, is easiest dish you will ever make, and yet it is so delicious that your family will devour it in one sitting.  I made it for breakfast on Saturday morning for the kids.  It is your classic Monkey Bread recipe.  I have a story behind that Bundt pan, but I’ll save it for another time.  (I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe)
2// Next up is my niece, Kaylie, who is staying with us this month.  She said this would end up being a bookmark.  I’m curious to see the end result. 
3// My baby girl.  She is beautiful, even with crumbs on her face.
4// This was a science experiment that I let the older kids conduct.  It shows what happens as a cloud becomes heavy with water.  It was a simple experiment that required items that I already had around the house.  If you want to let your kids do this as well, here is what you need: clear glass, shaving cream, food coloring, and water.  Just fill the glass 3/4 full of water, put a thin layer of shaving cream (not gel) on top of the water.  Then add a few drops of food coloring on top of the shaving cream.  It should begin to “rain”.
5// Speaking of rain, the weather here has done nothing but rain for the last month.  As in, record breaking rain.  Our yard is turning into a swamp, and my plants are dying.  I try to let the kids play outside in between the rain, but it usually doesn’t last for long.  This picture is of Rori after she threw a colossal fit because her older brother went outside into the rain without her. 
I wonder if Seattle lawns are always muddy or slushy?
Any way, our weekend was low key as usual.  How was the weekend in your neck of the woods?
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The Weekend

This weekend has been nothing but pouring rain, giving us all a case of cabin fever.  I tried giving the kids a lot of indoor activities: coloring, blocks, reading,  and movies. 

When it really began to rain hard, leaving large puddles in the yard, the kids danced and stared out the window…daydreaming about sunnier days, I’m sure.  If it wasn’t chilly, I would have stripped them down to their diapers and let them play in the rain.  I loved doing that as kid during a summer storm.

The weekend was truly uneventful and boring.  Other than a few errands and a little baking, I really didn’t do much except soak in the tub and catch up on reading. 🙂

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How was your weekend?

Throwing Out The Rules

Our weekend was slow and uneventful, and that was just fine with me.  I have been in need of a little rest from our constant go, go, go schedule.

I threw out the mom rules this weekend and let the kids eat cake for breakfast.  They loved it.// I also made cinnamon rolls from scratch–it is really the only to eat them.  I promise that if you take the time to make them then you will never buy the canned version again.// I let Scout work on his coordination skills using beans.  He would spoon them into a muffin tin….and eventually the floor.// The rest of my time was taking in Gods handiwork.  Very blessed.

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over the weekend

I’m linking up again this weekend with the lovely Mary Beth at Annapolis & Company.  If you haven’t checked her blog out, I hope you will.  Just be warned, her blog will suck you in and you’ll want to peruse through all of her beautiful pictures!   
Her link up is a way for others to share highlights of captured moments that happened during their weekend.  Here is what happened around our house.
After everyone in the house was asleep, I decided to indulge in a late night snack of cinnamon toast, catch up on my readings while enjoying the sweet sound of rain on our windows.  It was one of those nights that I cherish because it had been a good ending to a good day.  //   We had a gloomy, rainy day…it was the kind of rain that never ceased…it just consistently rained, and rained, and rained.  //  Can you tell that it was our grocery shopping day?  Our freezer was virtually empty, as was our fridge.  //  I’m still reading, Temptation of Angels.  I find it hard to put this book down.  //  This is what Scout thinks of his potty training.  He drew all over his potty with dry erase marker.  He also showed me what he thinks of my rug, my floor, my dryer sheets, Rori’s blanket, and his own body.  I had a major marker cleanup along with an impromptu bath… //  I started knitting a new hat for Nathan. So far I’ve only messed up on it twice, ha!  I’ll get the hang of knitting sooner or later.  I’m hoping for sooner. //  I made a fresh batch of grilled Naan and popsicles for the kids.  //  Last but not least, I finally had the chance to catch the church sermon LIVE, only for them to have technical difficulties which prevented me from being able to watch.  Bummer.  I miss our church very much!! We haven’t found a new church that will fit our family yet. 
How was your weekend?  Anything fun or amazing happen? 

Our Weekend

This weekend was really all about the birthday girl.  She turned the big One-O.  It made me very sentimental since she is our last child and I will no longer have a baby.  sniff, sniff. //  Other than that, it was praising Jesus for being alive!!  He paid a huge ransom for us sinners and we should never, ever, forget to say a constant thank you for his sacrifice. //  The rest was spent baking and working in the garden.  
What was your holiday weekend like?  Leave a link in the comments to your blog showcasing what you did. I would LOVE to read them! Or you can link up with Annapolis and Company like me. 🙂
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