I Hate When Things Bite Me In The Butt


It’s not too surprising that I wrote a blog post adorned with cozy pictures of my homemade hot chocolate, followed by a trail of words that shunned summer, that in return, summer would show me what’s, what.
This very fateful day started off great; the middle was pretty good, too. But by 4:00pm the city’s electric company blew a breaker (or at least that’s what I picture in my mind). Half of the town was left without power; this included my house. We found this information out while trying to make a quick run to the store, which were all closed due to no power. And because summer wanted to show me who’s boss,  it was blazing hot outside, without any air!  I’m talking 90 degrees, peeps.  It made my distaste for summer that much greater, because if there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I hate the hot weather.  
(did I mention that our entire house runs off electricity?)
In true southern fashion, us, and every one of our neighbors, headed outside to sit on our porches.  Trust me, it sure as heck felt better than the stifling heat that was building inside the house. 
While mopping the pouring sweat off our foreheads, Bubba called the electric company, during which I said a silent prayer for a rainstorm.
Then…there was a bit of hope. Bubba said the company claims to have the electric back on by 8:30pm.
Not more than ten minutes later, we heard thunder in the distance. I praised the Lord for the eventual downpour that cooled everything down into upper 70’s. It felt great…until after the rain stopped and the humidity stepped in its place.
By the time 8:30 rolled around, the electricity still wasn’t on, and we had had it with feeling sticky. So we called the company again. And by we, I mean, Bubba. Because of the storm that blew through, it delayed the repairing process and the new time was 1:30 am. ACK!
It was tough for me to sleep. No air, no fan, only a tiny window to open for relief was not cutting it. I can’t even sleep without a the hum of a fan.
I was miserable. I tossed and turned underneath a thin sheet, with one leg hanging out, desperate for cooler air.
Somehow, by the grace of God, I passed out.  Around 3 in the morning, I was awakened by the TV and all the lights coming on.
I breathed a deep sigh of relief, marched downstairs, turned off all the lights, shut windows, turned my fan on, and finally caught a few zzz’s.
My lesson?  Never, ever, tempt summer.

a bit of nature & gold digging


1// It took me forever to catch a picture of that dragonfly.  If you will, picture me sitting on the very edge of the dock, arm outstretched as far as it would reach, with a camera dangling from my hand.  It was  a funny disaster begging to happen.  I thought at any moment, I would be taking a dip into the pond, taking my very expensive camera down with me.  Luckily that didn’t happen! 
2// My niece, Kaylie, caught a turtle three times.  I’ve never seen that happen before, so I was quite smitten with the experience. 
3// The picture of the red leaf has me yearning for the cool, crisp, days of Fall.  I can’t wait to be done with this muggy, humid, hot weather.
4//  Finally, my nephew Kayden, was the only lucky one to catch a fish!  It was a small perch, so it was a catch and release.
5//  We also went to Reeds Goldmine and panned for gold.  I forgot to bring my camera along with me, which I totally regretted because this place was beyond cool.  Kaylie was the lucky duck and found a tiny rock of gold!  I have a few pictures from my phone of the trip, however, I don’t think they will give the place justice.
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