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I was just getting used to my twenties when 30 happened.  Now, I’m 32, and I’m three doors away from knocking on my mid-thirties.  It feels weird. 
I spoke with confidence when I turned 30 & 31, but this year, I realize I’m just getting older.  
Where I once grabbed my best girls for a night out to shut down the bars, I now capitalize on getting a day off from motherhood, chores, and wifely duties.  Life’s conundrums at its best. 
Moving on…
// I think that most of the pictures here are pretty self explanatory, however, I want to elaborate on the first one.  You know, the one with the birthday cake.  I’m the baker in this house, and therefore, I’m the birthday cake maker.  I make everyone’s cake, from scratch, and with love every year.  Even my own. 
But this year, my husband was insistent on making my cake.  My husband is a terrible baker.  He’ll admit it.  Nevertheless, he had to bake it.  Obviously, it was a coconut cake, my favorite.  I have my Great Aunt Beth to blame for it.  She made this Easter bunny cake one year when I was a kid, that had coconut layered on it to act as fur.  It was love at first bite.  I never knew frosting, cake, and coconut could mingle like that, but they do, and thank heaven for it!  I bake it once a year, every year, on my birthday.  (Before I baked, I bought it.) 
So, Bubba rose early, strapped on my apron, (kidding) and dirtied up the kitchen.  Always a good sign.  Later that evening, after all the candle fire jokes ceased, and happy birthday was sung, my husband using our daughters name by mistake, I blew out my candles in one breath.  
(Coconut flakes flew everywhere.  When you have that many candles, you have to blow pretty hard.) 
Then came the moment of truth.  Did the cake taste good?  He anxiously waited for my first bite. 
It was awful.  It was written all over my face.  Not in total disbelief, he took a bite himself.  He nodded his up and down, swallowed and then said, “Yep.  That is totally disgusting.” 
Bless his heart though.  It was in the right place. Haha!  He tried making me a cake from a box the next day to make it up to me, but he ruined that one, too.  He finally gave up and bought me a delicious coconut cupcake from the bakery. 
At least he tried.   
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I Hate When Things Bite Me In The Butt


It’s not too surprising that I wrote a blog post adorned with cozy pictures of my homemade hot chocolate, followed by a trail of words that shunned summer, that in return, summer would show me what’s, what.
This very fateful day started off great; the middle was pretty good, too. But by 4:00pm the city’s electric company blew a breaker (or at least that’s what I picture in my mind). Half of the town was left without power; this included my house. We found this information out while trying to make a quick run to the store, which were all closed due to no power. And because summer wanted to show me who’s boss,  it was blazing hot outside, without any air!  I’m talking 90 degrees, peeps.  It made my distaste for summer that much greater, because if there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I hate the hot weather.  
(did I mention that our entire house runs off electricity?)
In true southern fashion, us, and every one of our neighbors, headed outside to sit on our porches.  Trust me, it sure as heck felt better than the stifling heat that was building inside the house. 
While mopping the pouring sweat off our foreheads, Bubba called the electric company, during which I said a silent prayer for a rainstorm.
Then…there was a bit of hope. Bubba said the company claims to have the electric back on by 8:30pm.
Not more than ten minutes later, we heard thunder in the distance. I praised the Lord for the eventual downpour that cooled everything down into upper 70’s. It felt great…until after the rain stopped and the humidity stepped in its place.
By the time 8:30 rolled around, the electricity still wasn’t on, and we had had it with feeling sticky. So we called the company again. And by we, I mean, Bubba. Because of the storm that blew through, it delayed the repairing process and the new time was 1:30 am. ACK!
It was tough for me to sleep. No air, no fan, only a tiny window to open for relief was not cutting it. I can’t even sleep without a the hum of a fan.
I was miserable. I tossed and turned underneath a thin sheet, with one leg hanging out, desperate for cooler air.
Somehow, by the grace of God, I passed out.  Around 3 in the morning, I was awakened by the TV and all the lights coming on.
I breathed a deep sigh of relief, marched downstairs, turned off all the lights, shut windows, turned my fan on, and finally caught a few zzz’s.
My lesson?  Never, ever, tempt summer.

nostalgia & a broken heart

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My heart broke today. Not for a person; for nostalgia. It’s funny, I never imagined handwritten letters, such a common skill, could become close to ceasing its existence. Writing is my love language, but handwriting letters is an impalpable love of mine. There is something about scribbling words onto a crisp sheet of paper that someone could possibly hold onto forever.


In case you’re wondering what brought this on. It is simple, really. I was in need of new stationary. Good old fashioned set of plain quality paper with envelopes. I went to five different stores and couldn’t find anything except for notecards. Beautiful as they are, it is not letter paper that can hold a beaucoup of scrawled words.


While visiting the last store, I asked if they could order what I was looking for. He politely replied with, “…no one writes letters anymore.”


I was instantly bummed out. And no, he could not order it because they no longer sold stationary.


There are a few specialty stores, but their paper is extremely expensive, so I suppose it is back to college ruled notebooks for my recipients.

No Rhyme Or Reason

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is leave the house with my three kids in tow. But my errands were begging me to stop my charades and just go. So I put my big girl pants on and went on my way.  Luckily for me, God shed his grace on me. He knew I was trying my best to be patient during the half hour of traffic I painstakingly crept through. He knew I was trying to be patient with Rori as she screamed half of that time. He knows I don’t like driving in the rain, and I drove in the rain the entire way.

I assumed by the time I stepped my soggy foot into the packed store, my kids would begin their tantrums and their attempt to escape the cart.
But, guess what? They were angels. I couldn’t believe it. Then, at check out, they couldn’t find the price on the pants I wanted, and gave me a discount on them.
Then, on the way home, the traffic was lighter and Rori eventually fell asleep. The rain slowed to a drizzle and we all made it into the house before it began pouring again.

God is good.

The rest of the day was the usual grind, coupled with preparing my homeschooling lessons. Speaking of homeschool, I finally received the Teaching Textbooks for Nate’s Math this year and Bubba received his Calculus book.

Just for the record, I hate math. Better them than me. ha!

Sorry there was no rhyme or reason for this post.  It was completely random, and I sort of like it that way.  I’m tired of planning all my posts…this blog is supposed to be my journal so I may as well begin treating it like one. 

Until next time,

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Time is Not On My Side

I have a lot to say lately, but little time to say it.  
In other words, time is not on my side.

I’ve been busy.  
I wish I had a nickel for every time anyone said this, I’ve been busy.  I would be filthy rich for the rest of my life. Haha!  I have a pretty good hunch that at some point in a day, we utter those three words.  Four words if you choose to say,  I have instead of I’ve.  Okay, I’m going nowhere with this post so far.  Sorry for my mindless rambling. 
Back to time being on the side of someone else.  My point is, I’m behind on the posts I have been wanting to share.  I estimate I am two weeks behind on sharing what has been on my mind or has been happening in my life.  
One day my life will slow down enough that I can dedicate more time to my preferred hobbies, such as this blog, but until then I’ll probably be behind on dishing out the what’s, what, around here.  I’ll have to rely on notes with random thoughts scribbled across it, my memory, and my voice recorder to make sure I get it all down.  Not just for you; mainly it’s for me.  I love the documentation this blog gives our family.  As a matter of fact, I’m not sure why I didn’t blog sooner.  It’s so much quicker to type than it is to hand write (although, I still have handwritten journals.  they’re charming to flip through.) and you can add pictures as you see fit, which is also quicker than scrap booking.  Less expensive, too.  
I’m veering off my topic again.  
My overall point is that I’m about to play catch-up.  
So hang tight this week.  I’ve got…catching up to do. 
I’m very redundant tonight.  Gah!
Here are a few  pictures for all you visual lovers out there.  They are pictures of things I want to talk about but haven’t carved out the time to tell…there I go again with the redundancy.