I Hate When Things Bite Me In The Butt


It’s not too surprising that I wrote a blog post adorned with cozy pictures of my homemade hot chocolate, followed by a trail of words that shunned summer, that in return, summer would show me what’s, what.
This very fateful day started off great; the middle was pretty good, too. But by 4:00pm the city’s electric company blew a breaker (or at least that’s what I picture in my mind). Half of the town was left without power; this included my house. We found this information out while trying to make a quick run to the store, which were all closed due to no power. And because summer wanted to show me who’s boss,  it was blazing hot outside, without any air!  I’m talking 90 degrees, peeps.  It made my distaste for summer that much greater, because if there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I hate the hot weather.  
(did I mention that our entire house runs off electricity?)
In true southern fashion, us, and every one of our neighbors, headed outside to sit on our porches.  Trust me, it sure as heck felt better than the stifling heat that was building inside the house. 
While mopping the pouring sweat off our foreheads, Bubba called the electric company, during which I said a silent prayer for a rainstorm.
Then…there was a bit of hope. Bubba said the company claims to have the electric back on by 8:30pm.
Not more than ten minutes later, we heard thunder in the distance. I praised the Lord for the eventual downpour that cooled everything down into upper 70’s. It felt great…until after the rain stopped and the humidity stepped in its place.
By the time 8:30 rolled around, the electricity still wasn’t on, and we had had it with feeling sticky. So we called the company again. And by we, I mean, Bubba. Because of the storm that blew through, it delayed the repairing process and the new time was 1:30 am. ACK!
It was tough for me to sleep. No air, no fan, only a tiny window to open for relief was not cutting it. I can’t even sleep without a the hum of a fan.
I was miserable. I tossed and turned underneath a thin sheet, with one leg hanging out, desperate for cooler air.
Somehow, by the grace of God, I passed out.  Around 3 in the morning, I was awakened by the TV and all the lights coming on.
I breathed a deep sigh of relief, marched downstairs, turned off all the lights, shut windows, turned my fan on, and finally caught a few zzz’s.
My lesson?  Never, ever, tempt summer.

nostalgia & a broken heart

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My heart broke today. Not for a person; for nostalgia. It’s funny, I never imagined handwritten letters, such a common skill, could become close to ceasing its existence. Writing is my love language, but handwriting letters is an impalpable love of mine. There is something about scribbling words onto a crisp sheet of paper that someone could possibly hold onto forever.


In case you’re wondering what brought this on. It is simple, really. I was in need of new stationary. Good old fashioned set of plain quality paper with envelopes. I went to five different stores and couldn’t find anything except for notecards. Beautiful as they are, it is not letter paper that can hold a beaucoup of scrawled words.


While visiting the last store, I asked if they could order what I was looking for. He politely replied with, “…no one writes letters anymore.”


I was instantly bummed out. And no, he could not order it because they no longer sold stationary.


There are a few specialty stores, but their paper is extremely expensive, so I suppose it is back to college ruled notebooks for my recipients.

No Rhyme Or Reason

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is leave the house with my three kids in tow. But my errands were begging me to stop my charades and just go. So I put my big girl pants on and went on my way.  Luckily for me, God shed his grace on me. He knew I was trying my best to be patient during the half hour of traffic I painstakingly crept through. He knew I was trying to be patient with Rori as she screamed half of that time. He knows I don’t like driving in the rain, and I drove in the rain the entire way.

I assumed by the time I stepped my soggy foot into the packed store, my kids would begin their tantrums and their attempt to escape the cart.
But, guess what? They were angels. I couldn’t believe it. Then, at check out, they couldn’t find the price on the pants I wanted, and gave me a discount on them.
Then, on the way home, the traffic was lighter and Rori eventually fell asleep. The rain slowed to a drizzle and we all made it into the house before it began pouring again.

God is good.

The rest of the day was the usual grind, coupled with preparing my homeschooling lessons. Speaking of homeschool, I finally received the Teaching Textbooks for Nate’s Math this year and Bubba received his Calculus book.

Just for the record, I hate math. Better them than me. ha!

Sorry there was no rhyme or reason for this post.  It was completely random, and I sort of like it that way.  I’m tired of planning all my posts…this blog is supposed to be my journal so I may as well begin treating it like one. 

Until next time,

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Last Day


I would love to be typing you a verbose foreplay of words today, but I just don’t have it in me to produce mind blowing material.  So I guess I will keep this post short, sweet, and simple for you.
During the last day of my niece and nephew stay with us, I had them do a craft project that I had promised them they could do earlier in the month.  Better late than never, right?  The project went along with the bible lessons we were doing, which was about living and knowing the word of Jesus. 
They had way more fun with it than I anticipated, and it kept them busy for a few hours!  I don’t have a picture of their “final product”, but I can tell you what they did. 
–They each painted the wood blocks and then Bubba put a loop of string on the back of each one, so it could be hanged onto the wall.– 
If you’re interested in doing it with your kids, this is what you’ll need:
scrap wood/blocks of wood
1” small nails
paint w/paintbrushes
All I did was draw the outline of a cross onto their blocks of wood for them as a guide.  I let them hammer in the nails and wrap the twine in whatever direction they chose. 
Once they finished, Bubba burned the frayed twine to keep it from unraveling over time. 
Annnnnnd…that’s pretty much it. 
We Miss You Already Kaily and Kayden!

a bit of nature & gold digging


1// It took me forever to catch a picture of that dragonfly.  If you will, picture me sitting on the very edge of the dock, arm outstretched as far as it would reach, with a camera dangling from my hand.  It was  a funny disaster begging to happen.  I thought at any moment, I would be taking a dip into the pond, taking my very expensive camera down with me.  Luckily that didn’t happen! 
2// My niece, Kaylie, caught a turtle three times.  I’ve never seen that happen before, so I was quite smitten with the experience. 
3// The picture of the red leaf has me yearning for the cool, crisp, days of Fall.  I can’t wait to be done with this muggy, humid, hot weather.
4//  Finally, my nephew Kayden, was the only lucky one to catch a fish!  It was a small perch, so it was a catch and release.
5//  We also went to Reeds Goldmine and panned for gold.  I forgot to bring my camera along with me, which I totally regretted because this place was beyond cool.  Kaylie was the lucky duck and found a tiny rock of gold!  I have a few pictures from my phone of the trip, however, I don’t think they will give the place justice.
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The Weekend


1// At top, is easiest dish you will ever make, and yet it is so delicious that your family will devour it in one sitting.  I made it for breakfast on Saturday morning for the kids.  It is your classic Monkey Bread recipe.  I have a story behind that Bundt pan, but I’ll save it for another time.  (I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe)
2// Next up is my niece, Kaylie, who is staying with us this month.  She said this would end up being a bookmark.  I’m curious to see the end result. 
3// My baby girl.  She is beautiful, even with crumbs on her face.
4// This was a science experiment that I let the older kids conduct.  It shows what happens as a cloud becomes heavy with water.  It was a simple experiment that required items that I already had around the house.  If you want to let your kids do this as well, here is what you need: clear glass, shaving cream, food coloring, and water.  Just fill the glass 3/4 full of water, put a thin layer of shaving cream (not gel) on top of the water.  Then add a few drops of food coloring on top of the shaving cream.  It should begin to “rain”.
5// Speaking of rain, the weather here has done nothing but rain for the last month.  As in, record breaking rain.  Our yard is turning into a swamp, and my plants are dying.  I try to let the kids play outside in between the rain, but it usually doesn’t last for long.  This picture is of Rori after she threw a colossal fit because her older brother went outside into the rain without her. 
I wonder if Seattle lawns are always muddy or slushy?
Any way, our weekend was low key as usual.  How was the weekend in your neck of the woods?
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Wow.  I totally went on an unplanned blogging sabbatical.  I’m back and ready to write, though.
My two youngest children are at that stage where they have to know what I’m doing on top of the kitchen counter.  Nearly every moment that is spent in my kitchen, I have two children pushing chairs beside me, ready to put their curious little hands in all the stuff that I don’t want them to touch.  I’ve been trying to remedy this with what I refer to as the keep mom sane strategy.  On occasion, when I am trying to get something done, I give them two bowls and free rein over the sink.  It keeps them busy forever, and it allows me to chop vegetables in a little peace.
And if you are wondering if they get water everywhere, yes, they do.  They have fun, which is worth mopping up spilled water.


I Did The Splits…Literally

I just wanted to tell everyone that I did the splits first thing in the morning.

Yep.  At 31 years of age, I did the splits.  

Feeling a bit nostalgic that morning, I slid my battered duck slippers onto my very cold feet.

From there, I cruised through the house, completing my usual routine; brush teeth, pull back hair, begrudgingly walk down the stairs, rubbing my eyes, wishing I was asleep in my warm bed.

Making it downstairs safely, I opened the baby gate, and took one step onto the lament hardwood floor.

This very ordinary motion prompted my slipper to react with my floor as if it were freshly mopped in oil.

Without any time for my morning brain to react properly, my foot slid straight out in front of me without warning.

I was also juuuuust barely out of reach from the table to grab hold of in order to catch my inevitable fall from grace.

Then it happened…

Down she went… my 31 year old-out-of-shape-body.
Landing into the splits, with duck slippers on my feet.

Then I hear, “It’s a TEN!”

Not really.  But it would have been funny if someone did shout that.  

What lesson did I learn?

I now understand the importance of stretching.  I also now know that you can skip caffeine because doing the splits will make you feel wide awake!

Ouch.  Now excuse me while I go stretch.

Oh…and just in case you were wondering,  I no longer own those slippers.