30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4-11

It is hard for me to make an entire post everyday for the next thirty days, so I’m going to aim the rest of A Blossoming Homestead’s 30 Days of Gratitude to rolling a week’s worth of thanks and blessings into one post.  

This will save me some time, since our lives are a bit crazy for the next month.  Which I promise to spill all details sometime during December-January.

Day 4:  Today I am most thankful for my baby girl.  Today she spoke her first word, “Mama.”  Awww…her voice sounds beautiful.  
Day 5:  Today I am thankful for the beautiful spring weather we’ve had recently here in Texas.  
** “spring” was not a typo. **

Day 6:  Today I am thankful for answered prayers!  We had a last minute mini moving sale today, and when I say last minute, I really mean it.  We woke up, had breakfast, ran some errands, came home, grabbed stuff we weren’t going to take with us (mainly baby stuff) and threw it in our driveway.  We didn’t even price anything.   

But, no one was snatching up the baby stuff and I didn’t want to be stuck with it. So I posted a status on FB to pretty much say that I thought it was weird and then I swear to you, not even 30 mins later, a woman came and bought probably half of what we had. 


Then, of ALL THE PEOPLE, a pregnant girl comes walking down the road.  Her husband just started working for the church next door to us and she went for a walk, as she puts it, “to get the baby out.”
Whoa, right?! 
So I told her to take whatever she wanted.  

So then…we took what didn’t sale and threw it into the back of the car to drive to Good Will.  On our drive there, we get a phone call about the sparring gear (tae kwon do) that we’ve been trying to sale on Craigslist for a year now, that just happened to be in the car, on its way to GW.  

Bubba said that he only had Wednesday to meet up with him, and the guy said Wednesday was his only day to meet up.  They agreed on a time, and we got rid of the gear (finally) and made our money back.  Woo hoo! 

Then our son came home to tell us the cost of the new computer screen that he cracked at school will cost exactly how much we made from the sales.  Ha! Looks like the big guy in the sky knew exactly how much we were going to need all along. 🙂

Day 7:  Very thankful for the pretty leaves I saw today.  God is an artist.

pic source

Day 8:  Bubba’s grandmother passed away today.  We are thankful for the time we had with her and thankful for the family support during this sad time. 

Day 9:  Thankful for good music along with a long country drive.  Clears the mind and eases the stress. 

Day 10:  Thankful for babysitters–enough said. lol. 

Day 11:  I am thankful for baby pj’s.  They are just too cute.  I am also thankful for my awesome job as a stay at home mother.  Now I can witness all the small moments. 🙂  It’s cliche and cheesy, but it’s the truth.

Having A Child With Multiple Food Allergies

My middle son, Scout, has multiple food allergies.  We found this out last week…sort of.  It’s a long story really, and I’ve failed to really explain most of it to others. 
I’m not just writing this post for the friends and family that are close to me, but I’m writing it for other parents who are just discovering their children may have a food allergy and suddenly they realize that they have to think three steps ahead at all times.
I guess I should tell you what he is allergic to:  Milk, Eggs, Nuts, & Dogs   
What does that mean for us and him?  A lot. 
But I won’t get into that right now.  That can be on the next post.
Let me back up to January 15, 2012.  That Sunday turned into a parents nightmare very quickly.  It was a normal Sunday morning where we woke up, ate, dressed, and headed to church.  The Friday before, the pediatrician told us that Scout was ready for table food.  So whatever we were eating, it was time to share it with Scout.  That morning, I had made scrambled eggs for everyone.  After Scout took ONE bite, his face began breaking out in nasty hives.  It quickly spread to the top & back of his head, eyes, hands, neck.  
It was bad. 

Bubba and I broke into panic mode.  We didn’t have any Benadryl, and we lived 20 minutes to the nearest hospital.  We were frantically praying that his airways were not closing up, aka anaphylaxis.  
I broke every speed limit on the way to the hospital, and it was such a big deal, the hospital staff took him straight back before any paperwork was filled out!  They immediately gave him Benadryl…like a huge dose.  Within seconds, you could see an improvement, but they informed us that it would take two days before all the hives were gone.   
BTW, he does not experience anaphylaxis with eggs.

This was one day after the hospital.  You can see that his face was still red and puffy.  He even had a couple of “blisters” around his eyes, but you can’t see it to well in these pics.  And yes, that is Nates underwear on his head.  Nate finds it hilarious.
The doctor told us that she was confident that he would outgrow this by the time he was one.  She also said that he could still eat cake etc., just not egg itself.   She was wrong on both accounts.  Everything we gave him with eggs in it, he had to down some benadryl.  
This is after Scout ate food with an egg product in the ingredients. This is only the beginning stage after a does of benadryl.  If we hadn’t of had medicine on hand, this would have gotten nasty very quickly.

So this leads us to last Monday, when we decided to have an allergy panel ran on his blood to see just exactly what he was allergic to and what he would or would not grow out of.  
They measure it by a 4 square panel: