Front Porch Haircut

Bringing back the chilly bowl, guys.  Just kidding!  Could you imagine if it did come back in style? 

Just wanted to take a minute and document Scout’s front porch hair cut.  One day he will want a professional to do it, but for now, he believes that he is the coolest kid because his daddy does it for him.  ((So sweet))  However, I don’t have a picture of the finished cut.  I know, I know, what was I thinking?  But the pictures on this post is pretty much what it looks like now.

My Son Has 8 Food Allergies and 4 Non-Food Allergies

Like most children with food allergies, you won’t find out they are allergic until they eat it.  Likewise, it was with us. (You can read that story here

Oddly enough, I always had this weird, motherly instinct, if you will, when he was born that he would be allergic to peanut butter.  What I didn’t realize is that he would be allergic to much more than just PB.  So after his Emergency Room visit and his initial blood test revealed he was allergic to Eggs, Milk, Peanuts, and Dogs, the doctor seemed adamant that he would outgrow his egg allergy by age 1.  That has not been the case for our story; so we have treaded carefully until he could have a full panel administered. 

I say “carefully” because at his age, he can’t tell me that he has a metallic taste in his mouth or that his throat is swelling shut.  Because he already seemed to be allergic to nuts, we avoided any sort of nut products until he was able to receive this test.  This included packaging that says this product “uses the same machines as those with nuts.” 

It really narrowed down what he could and couldn’t eat.  His diet became extremely simple.

There is A LOT to know about one food allergy let alone multiple food allergens. What does one do in an emergency? how does their diet work? how do you eat at a public restaurant?

With that in mind, I’ll be posting a lot of information that the doctor gave to us.  I do so just in case there are other parents out there who have friends or family members who want to be sensitive and aware.  This is especially good for our “real life” friends & family members, too.


First things first!

What did they test for?

As you can see from the pictures above, the specialist numbered Scout’s back etc, and then pricked a needle with different substance into his skin.  How his skin reacted is how the doctor analyzed Scout’s allergies.

The doctor tested for these common allergies:

Seeds, Nuts, Trees, Grass, Weeds, Inhalants, Foods, Shell Fish

The doctor also did another blood draw to see if he continued being allergic to eggs and milk.

Here are the results:

Sesame Seeds – EXTREMELY allergic. This means no sesame anything: oil or seeds, no sesame hamburger buns!

Brazil Nut – HIGHLY allergic.  Stay away from it.

Hazelnut – SLIGHTLY allergic.  No hazelnut spread.

Pistachio – SLIGHTLY allergic.  Don’t eat it and he’ll be fine. 

Black Walnut – EXTREMELY allergic.  He may NEVER EVER EVER touch or eat this nut.  He tested very high on the reaction test.

Peanut – EXTREMELY allergic.  Same rules as the walnut.  No peanut oil either!

Oak Trees – HIGHLY/EXTREME allergic.  He should just stay away from them if possible.

Egg Whites – SLIGHTLY/HIGHLY allergic.  He can have some baked goods that include eggs, however, he cannot eat egg by itself.

Milk – SLIGHTLY allergic.  Affects his skin mostly.

Dog hair – EXTREMELY allergic.  It affects his respiratory, will break out in hives, and swell.

Cat hair – EXTREMELY ++ allergic.  Cat hair is worse for him than dog hair.  Have to keep the cat outside! 

Dust Mite P – SLIGHTLY allergic.

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We have three rainy days forecasted this week, making this the scene in my house for the next three days.  One day isn’t bad, but three days trapped inside a house with multiple toddlers is going to be crazy!  In preparation of the gloomy days ahead, they are getting extra playtime outside today while it is a warm 64 degrees & sunny. 

What is your favorite thing to do when it’s constantly raining?  I could use the ideas!

Hooray, Snow!


DSC_0280-2_edited-1 DSC_0303-1_edited-1




Hello, polar vortex!  The cold temperatures finally graced the south for  a couple of days, and you can bet that the kids took full advantage of it.  I stayed inside, because baby, it was cold!  The snow has pretty much completely melted since the temps have risen back to 58 degrees today, but Scout, as it turns out, loves that white powder.  He has been belly aching, wanting to play in more snow.  

Other than that, Bubba and I took advantage of our new vision insurance and had our eyes checked.  I still have 20/20 vision.  Booyah!! But, I still need to use my reader glasses when my eyes grow tired &  I’m straining.  (I’m far sighted, btw.)   Maybe there is some truth behind the carrots myth.  I eat them all the time. 

As for Bubba, he is still blind and has a new prescription to fill.  Poor guy…he’s deaf and blind! LOL!  

Seriously, he can’t hear a thing.

And in case you’re wondering what is on Scout’s face, it’s my pink lipstick.  He raided my makeup before heading outside…he can be such a little turd.  He did it again today, only it was my eye shadow and eyeliner.

How has your week been?


nathan goofy face sepia-1

I often read mom blogs who are dealing with one, maybe two, children who are in their toddler years, and how difficult it can be.  I can’t help but chuckle at them because they have no clue what’s coming.  Hahaha!  I huff-and-puff about raising one child in the middle of puberty and two small kids who are in their terrible two’s, and I’m tellin’ ya here first, wrangling a three year old ain’t nothing compared to raising a teenager.  Teenagers are argumentative, emotional, sneaky, and are constantly seeking that line between independence and ticking off their parents.

(I told my friend once to imagine it and she told me she didn’t want to.  I can’t blame her.)



We heard the first sounds of puberty a couple of weeks ago, i.e., his voice is cracking. 

He is also changing in a lot of other ways, too.  His facial hair is darkening above his lip, he has hit a growth spurt and is nearly as tall as I am. He eats his weight in food every single day, often eating more than my grown husband!  Seriously, this kid creates mountains out of his mashed potatoes.  His foot is the same size as mine, and I wear an 8.  He is becoming a bit more self conscious about his appearance and his odor. (hallelujah!)  He is finally taking showers on his own accord.  He told me that he could smell himself and that it wasn’t pleasant.  Cracked me up.  He is also in that,– I must sleep for 16 straight hours,– sleeping phase.  Remember that?  I don’t think it ever left me. Ha!

nathan bw-1


There are many things I’ve forgotten about, concerning puberty, and there are plenty of awkward conversations to look forward to in the near future.  But there is a bestselling book that has seemed to help him understand a little more about what his body is going through.  It’s a book that is really, really, really, easy for him to understand and makes him feel confident that everything he is experiencing is normal!  Plus, he can better understand all of our corny puberty jokes that we make him endure all the time. 

If you’re interested in the book, it’s called The Boy’s Body Book, and it’s for ages 9 and up.


Parental Nightmares

scout weekend 3-1

At some point, every parent has that nightmare that one day their toddler will wake up before they do and destroy the house while their still blissfully sleeping.  It happened years ago once with Nathan.  I woke up to him smashing a carton of eggs one by one onto the kitchen floor, giggling as he dropped each one.  Have you ever tried to wipe up a dozen eggs at seven in the morning?   

Today I experienced an awful deja vu.  I had an instant panic attack the moment I woke up to an empty bed and an opened bedroom door.   (The fact that he still sleeps with us is a whole other post.)  Nevertheless, I instantly ran down the stairs knowing good and well it wasn’t going to be a pretty sight.

Sure enough, this is what I saw…
My naked toddler trying to crawl underneath our coffee table, which happened to be covered in water and about one half of the contents from our silverware drawer.  He held a gleaming silver object in his hand which he excitedly asked me, “What’s dis!!?”

Me:  “That’s a nutcracker, baby.” 

I can’t shake off the irony there.  Nude boy holding a pair of nutcrackers.  That’s just funny stuff!

Me:  “Where are your clothes?”

Scout:  “—-rakdhf;hsldkja”  just a bunch of ramble.

Me:  “Alrighty, then.”
I looked around the living room, dining room, and kitchen with no results.  This could only mean one thing—He managed to break through all baby proofing and slip into the bathroom.
I took a deep breath and prepared myself. 

Yep.  There sat his clothes in a pile, dirty diaper in the floor, drawers opened and their contents emptied onto the floor.  And pee pee all over the toilet.

His morning was certainly full adventure!  And my morning was full of cleaning!

The day didn’t get any better, btw.  The babies managed to break into the upstairs bathroom while I was cooking my breakfast.  I found my very expensive—I can only afford once a year—facial powder spilled onto the floor.  Mascara—gone. 

Then I had the splendid idea to take all three kids to Wal-Mart to pick up five things.  “It will be a quick trip!”  I assured myself.

hahahahahaha!  That is the laughter coming from the cosmos. 

I pulled into a jam packed parking lot, and every instinct I have told me to turn around and go home.  But I didn’t listen.  I obviously felt that herding three chickens inside a store during a holiday week was the best idea I had all year.  One hour later, I emerged from the store doors. 


I was done with motherhood by the end of the night.

Dresser Re-Do

dresser 4-1dresser 6-1dresser 1-1dresser 7-1dresser 2-1dresser 8-1dresser 5-1dresser 3-1


Okay.  I re-did this dresser during the summer and I must say that I am quite pleased with how it turned out.  Obviously, we had to replace a couple pieces of wood, but for the most part, it was an easy DIY project.  It took me about two days. 

As for the knobs, I ordered the nautical themed knobs from Amazon and the top two were original to the dresser.  I just wrapped them in twine that I purchased from Michaels craft store. 

I tried my best to take good pictures of it for you guys, but the lighting just wasn’t filtering into the kids room.  They have one tiny window to let in light and I rearranged this dresser all over their room to capture the best lighting I could.  That’s life as an amateur photographer who tries to work with natural lighting!

Alright, I’m off to the kitchen to start prepping for dinner tonight.  The kids will be waking up from their nap any minute.  —Scratch that.  I hear their little footsteps prancing around upstairs.  They’re up!

Buh bye!

Rori Update

Age: 10 months
Weight: I can’t remember

Baby, Sissy, Little girl, Lucy, Princess, Pumpkin, Cuddle Bug


Foods:  She has moved on to finger foods!  She still takes formula with her meals, but for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she is eating regular foods.  (I still haven’t given her eggs.  I’m nervous!)  So far she is doing great with her food and eats just about anything you set in front of  her.

Development: She can shake her head no at you, climb, crawl, pull herself up, clap, and tries to stand on her own.

Her personality:  Rori has been growing in to herself, expressing her independence, facial expressions (her favorite expression is what I call the bunny nose), playing with toys, etc.  She is still my laid back little baby who sleeps like a champ.  I often say that I need just one more baby that’s just like her.
She loves to cuddle with me and will often fall asleep lying on me…which I totally love.  Makes my heart pitter patter. 🙂

Rori is our last child, so I’ve been savoring every moment of her being my sweet baby.  I sometimes think God got the teen years and the baby years backwards.
In my eyes, the baby stage should last for years, while the teenage stage should only last one year.  Sounds better to me!

My First Video!! + Stills

It took three tries to make this video, but I think it was worth the headache.  It has turned into being such a great memory for us as a family instead of being for kicks on this blog.  It still isn’t perfect, but we have fallen in love with homemade feel of it.  If you watch it, and I hope that you do, be sure to have your volume on.  The music is really cute and sets the tone for the video.
Having my last baby turn one is very sentimental and exciting all at the same time.  I’m happy to see her grow into the person God has planned for her to be, but I’m also sad that her squishy baby days are behind us.  Luckily I have plenty of pictures to reflect on!! 
Speaking of pictures, here are a few from the big One-O celebration. I took over sixty pictures
and ten videos, but I narrowed it down for everyone!  Could you imagine
if I posted all of those pictures????  You would probably break your
finger from scrolling.

And in case you are wondering, we are not having any more children,
although we would love to have one more.  (Trust me when I say that I
probably just shocked the pants off of everyone who has known us for the
past ten years by saying we would love to have more.)

Mail Delivery

It feels rare to receive something for free in the mail these days, but a couple of days ago, it happened.  Even so, I can’t keep the package for myself.  It will soon be on its way to Texas to a dear friend of mine who recently delivered her second child.

(And if you are the said friend, then please stop reading. It will spoil the surprise. lol.)

the shortest longest time 2

What is in the package, you ponder?  It is a few Spark Cards that a New Jersey-ian named Hillary is sending out for FREE.  She hopes the cards will encourage conversations between other mothers, and then leave them behind for others to find and use.  Spreading the free gift, if you will.  Have you heard of Hillary from the, Longest Shortest Time?  Her podcasts range from humorous to heartfelt and will make the days that you feel totally insane—sane, after all.  Her primary message is that no matter what phase of motherhood you’re in, you’re not alone in the trials you may be going through. 





If you’re interested in her podcast, you can easily find her on iTunes.  I use this app for my podcasts.

If you want your own spark cards delivered to your mailbox, then you can find the form here.

If you want to know more about why she does what she does, then go here.

Just for the record, I don’t know Hillary, and she has no idea that I’m writing this. I just think she is cool. 🙂

DSC_0303-2the shortest longest time 2