When You Know, You Know


Today is the Tuesday that marks our eighth anniversary, and I Love you.

I’ll love you tomorrow, and the next day, and next week, and even next month.

In six months, I will still love you, just like I fell in love with you nine years ago.

In sixty years, I’ll look back on our beginning, and smile at how much I’ve loved you and how far we’ve made it in life together.

Happy Anniversary, Bubba.



Bubba 0 | Karma 1 | The Blair Witch In Texas

My husband’s high school friend, Terry, came to visit last week, and while I don’t often write about my husband, (the one pictured to the right is my husband, Bubba) I feel I have to retell a story they shared with me, that had me laughing until my face turned red.

In fact, I think this story deserves to be told.  It’s not doing any good wasting away in their heads.  Haha.

I hope it at least puts a smile on your face!   

The Blair Witch In Texas

Bubba, Terry, and Josh were the ripe age of sixteen when they decided to camp on a piece of land owned by Josh’s mom’s boyfriend.  Their plan was to stay one week, but on the third day boredom struck.

While Terry and Josh left to try their hand at fishing, Bubba decides the only way to beat the boredom was by mentally scaring his two buddies.

Wasting no time putting thoughts into action, Bubba marched to the back of the campsite where he stacked sticks and rocks behind a hill in different shapes.  Stepping back to admire his handy work, he decided to take it a little further; he grabbed a stick and etched the words, DIE and I’m going to get you in the mud.

While in the middle of his brilliant scheme, Josh busted him.
Josh: “What are you doing!?”
Bubba: “Uhhh…I was trying to scare y’all.”

A short pause.

Josh flashes a crooked smile, looks at Bubba and says, “Let’s get Terry.” 

You didn’t have to tell Bubba twice.  Together, they kept stacking rocks and sticks into shapes.

Proud of themselves, they headed back to camp.  About one hour later, Terry joins them at the tent where they begin to tell him stories about bums that would be caught around there doing strange things in the woods.

Terry took what they said lightly until they took him for a walk at dusk around the woods while continuing to fill his head with more elaborate stories of the witches and the crazy homeless that stalked the woods at night.

Armed with flashlights, they stumbled across random items left by someone else in the woods providing “evidence” that their bum stories were indeed, real.

By now, Terry began buying into their elaborate story.

When it was completely dark, they took Terry around to the spot where they had laid the sticks and rocks out.  Bubba made a big scene, pretending to be scared.

Bubba: “What is all of this stuff!?”

Terry ran up behind him, shined his light on it,  and completely freaked out!  He turned around and ran back to camp as fast as he could.

Bubba and Josh were clearly bemused with themselves.

Back at the campsite, they kept up their charades 

Terry being completely freaked out, pops firecrackers (to keep the bums away) and maintains a huge fire throughout the night.

The next morning, Bubba and Josh awakened to ALL their bags and coolers piled in front of the tent.  They looked over to sleeping Terry, white knuckling his army knife. 

This is when Bubba and Josh loose it, and start laughing and making fun of Terry.  Of course, this made Terry a little butt hurt so he grabbed his gear and packed it away in his car.
They tell him to stay and that it was them all along.

In the end, Terry stayed.

Later that night, they were all inside the tent making shadow puppets after a long war with bottle rockets. (Shooting fireworks at one another)
All of a sudden they hear a loud thud on the tent.

They didn’t think to much about it until they heard something rustling around the tent.

By now, all three boys are shaking, freaking out, “Did you just hear that?”

A large shadow passes in front of the tent.  Now they started to get a little worried and panic ensues.  Someone runs up and starts shaking the tent, violently.  Everyone in the tent storms out, screaming, ready to make a getaway…only to find it was Josh’s mom and cousin messing with them! A storm was approaching and they came to give them a heads up.

Bubba: 0 | Karma: 1