Free World History Curriculum for Middle Schoolers | Homeschooling

I have searched long and hard for an affordable history curriculum for a middle schooler that wasn’t focused around the bible.  Even though we are religious, I don’t necessarily believe that it has to be built into the history lessons.  After all, that is what Nathan’s bible lessons are for.  Basically, it’s a personal choice. 

You know what?  I’ll just skip to the happy ending because I highly doubt anyone wants to hear my sob–search-for-free-history-curriculum story. 

This history curriculum is by a site called, World History for Us All.  It is a collaboration by school teachers, college professors, and educational specialists from San Diego that put this little gem of a program together. 

Some of the things it includes are: power point, worksheets, lesson plans, readings, and plenty of graphics and stuff for the teacher.  I could not believe I stumbled upon this on the very same day I was about to click the submit button on a $300 program.  I think God was telling me to just wait a minute longer because just a mere one hour later I found this history program.

The only con is this:  The site is a bit hairy to sort through, but once you figure it out it is totally worth it.  You can’t beat a FREE curriculum that is this well put together.  AND there is NO registration. 

This is something I can’t keep to myself (obviously) and wanted to put their link out there for some other mother/father to stumble upon. 

Here is the link:  World History for Us All

Let’s Make Some Great Art

…have you heard of this book?  It’s pretty cool, and so far, it is getting the thumbs up from Nathan.  I bought this book for a whopping $2.48, used online, with the sole purpose of integrating it into our homeschooling routine.  In the last two schools Nathan attended, neither of them offered Art class anymore, which I find a bit sad.
Back to the book.  If you haven’t guessed by now, the book is called, Let’s Make Some Great Art.  It’s geared towards younger kids, although my husband and I have found ourselves wanting to do some of the projects, too.  My philosophy:  there is still a child left in all of us; they just tend to come out more when you’re around children all the time. 😉
Any way, I had Nate create his own art journal by using one of my old hardback books.  (I’m sure Charlene Harris won’t mind.)  He ripped out quite a few pages, and then he glued every two pages together.  Once he is ready to paint, all he has to do is spread a little bit of gesso medium onto the page, and it will act as a blank canvas.
To ease him back into the rhythm of art, I had him do a straight forward lesson over optical art, which is about creating work that has a sense of movement.  He really enjoyed it!  So much so, that he did both front and back of his paper. 
(Let your eyes become unfocused while staring at the paper! It will begin to have a little movement!)
Like I said before, so far we really like this book.  It’s not intimidating, and it gives you plenty of prompts to follow, in case your the type of person whose brain completely shuts down when faced with a blank piece of paper! Ha! (That’s totally me, btw)  So if you are a homeschooler, and in need of a book to incorporate art into your lessons, then I highly suggest buying this book.  I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

It’s That Time Again // Homeschooling


I sat down a couple of weeks ago, gazed at my calendar, and gulped, “Crap!”  This is code for, holy-crap-there-is-so-much-to-do-before-school-starts!  It goes beyond jamming your cart through the store on the no tax holiday for school supplies.  Nope.  Homeschool moms get to worry about planning a whole curriculum.  A curriculum based on your child’s strengths and needs to get ahead in their education.  No pressure, right?  Eeee Gads! 
 homeschool 2_edited-1
At some point during my adult-hood, I had made the postulation that I was finished with school.  The parenting books I read during my first pregnancy failed to mention that as long as my children are learning, I too, am expected to repeat grades K-12 along side of them.  It never ends, the learning process.  I now understand why my grandfather once told me, “I’m not going to help you with your homework! I’ve already been to school, college, and raised four boys.” 
Grandpa, where ever you are, I get it. 
homeschool 1_edited-1
Any way.  We realized last years program choice was a bad choice.  What does that mean?  It means I had to do a lot of research.  As in days and hours of research.  But I finally have it all ordered and it will be dribbling in over the next two weeks.  Just enough time for me to review it all, set it all up, and get some organization in place.
In the mean time, I did take advantage of the no-tax holiday, and jammed my cart through the cluster of moms and kids at Target, and bought a few things we will be needing this school year.  Wish me luck, and hopefully this experience will strengthen my patience.  Maybe that’s why God has me doing this…to teach me to be more patient.