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Our weekend was a carbon copy from the weekend before that.  A little bit of cooking here and there mixed in with great fall weather that allowed us to either stay outside and play for hours or cuddle inside when it started to rain.  As mundane as it seems, it was a great weekend that allowed me to finish my book, make a dent in my knitting, and of course clean and take care of little ones.
//1  My Mexican Rice.  Recipe will be posted later this week. 😉
//2  My peppers have been growing like wild flowers.  It feels so satisfying to cultivate and grow your own food.
//3  Mama’s tinted lip balm on baby girl’s lips.  She was excited; can you tell!?
//4  A reader of mine suggested buying a set of window markers for the kids on rainy days.   I so appreciate that whisper of advice because it was a sanity saver that day!  Plus, the kids go wild for it.  It seriously kept Scout entertained for almost two hours.  Go buy some!
//5  This is love letter to a stranger that I promised myself to leave behind somewhere in a public place but forgot to do it!!  Every time I left the house, I would leave the letter on the shelf.  Hopefully this week I can get the job done.  If you’re interested in why I’m doing this and what it is about, click here.
//6  Outside time was plentiful for the kids.
//7  My moist, buttery, roasted chicken.  It was so delicious!
//8  My PURPLE bell peppers.  I had no idea these existed until they started growing in my garden.  They are bright green on the inside and they have a mild sweet taste.  Cool, huh?!!  
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Rori Update

Age: 10 months
Weight: I can’t remember

Baby, Sissy, Little girl, Lucy, Princess, Pumpkin, Cuddle Bug


Foods:  She has moved on to finger foods!  She still takes formula with her meals, but for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she is eating regular foods.  (I still haven’t given her eggs.  I’m nervous!)  So far she is doing great with her food and eats just about anything you set in front of  her.

Development: She can shake her head no at you, climb, crawl, pull herself up, clap, and tries to stand on her own.

Her personality:  Rori has been growing in to herself, expressing her independence, facial expressions (her favorite expression is what I call the bunny nose), playing with toys, etc.  She is still my laid back little baby who sleeps like a champ.  I often say that I need just one more baby that’s just like her.
She loves to cuddle with me and will often fall asleep lying on me…which I totally love.  Makes my heart pitter patter. 🙂

Rori is our last child, so I’ve been savoring every moment of her being my sweet baby.  I sometimes think God got the teen years and the baby years backwards.
In my eyes, the baby stage should last for years, while the teenage stage should only last one year.  Sounds better to me!

My First Video!! + Stills

It took three tries to make this video, but I think it was worth the headache.  It has turned into being such a great memory for us as a family instead of being for kicks on this blog.  It still isn’t perfect, but we have fallen in love with homemade feel of it.  If you watch it, and I hope that you do, be sure to have your volume on.  The music is really cute and sets the tone for the video.
Having my last baby turn one is very sentimental and exciting all at the same time.  I’m happy to see her grow into the person God has planned for her to be, but I’m also sad that her squishy baby days are behind us.  Luckily I have plenty of pictures to reflect on!! 
Speaking of pictures, here are a few from the big One-O celebration. I took over sixty pictures
and ten videos, but I narrowed it down for everyone!  Could you imagine
if I posted all of those pictures????  You would probably break your
finger from scrolling.

And in case you are wondering, we are not having any more children,
although we would love to have one more.  (Trust me when I say that I
probably just shocked the pants off of everyone who has known us for the
past ten years by saying we would love to have more.)

Let’s Make Some Great Art

…have you heard of this book?  It’s pretty cool, and so far, it is getting the thumbs up from Nathan.  I bought this book for a whopping $2.48, used online, with the sole purpose of integrating it into our homeschooling routine.  In the last two schools Nathan attended, neither of them offered Art class anymore, which I find a bit sad.
Back to the book.  If you haven’t guessed by now, the book is called, Let’s Make Some Great Art.  It’s geared towards younger kids, although my husband and I have found ourselves wanting to do some of the projects, too.  My philosophy:  there is still a child left in all of us; they just tend to come out more when you’re around children all the time. 😉
Any way, I had Nate create his own art journal by using one of my old hardback books.  (I’m sure Charlene Harris won’t mind.)  He ripped out quite a few pages, and then he glued every two pages together.  Once he is ready to paint, all he has to do is spread a little bit of gesso medium onto the page, and it will act as a blank canvas.
To ease him back into the rhythm of art, I had him do a straight forward lesson over optical art, which is about creating work that has a sense of movement.  He really enjoyed it!  So much so, that he did both front and back of his paper. 
(Let your eyes become unfocused while staring at the paper! It will begin to have a little movement!)
Like I said before, so far we really like this book.  It’s not intimidating, and it gives you plenty of prompts to follow, in case your the type of person whose brain completely shuts down when faced with a blank piece of paper! Ha! (That’s totally me, btw)  So if you are a homeschooler, and in need of a book to incorporate art into your lessons, then I highly suggest buying this book.  I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Hello, Happy

Jessi, from The Hummingbird Memoirs, proposed the idea to participate in a series on her blog that challenged me to find doses of joy in a regular day, and then document them through the lens of a camera.  How could I pass up an opportunity like that?  Above is a snippet of the post.  You can see the rest of it here.  I do hope you take the time to hop over and read it; just don’t be surprised if you fall in love with her blog; your eyes will become lost in her photos! Plus, she offers so many homemade beauty products that have me inspired enough to start a facial regime. 
Happy reading, folks! 
And if you’re wanting the link again, click here.

A Rough Start


At first, I thought this trip was doomed.  Mainly because our overnight trip to Asheville, was the stuff my nightmares are made of.  I let the experiences there set my expectations for our trip this week to Myrtle Beach. 


, at first, it appeared like things were starting off just the same. 

We packed our car up, Griswold style, and hit the road. 

The rest of the day went a little something like this.

Rori wailed, the entire drive, and

we get lost, twice.  (No fancy GPS for us. We roll old school around here, lol)

When we arrive at the hotel, 4 hours later, the gentleman kindly tells me our room will not be ready for another



The hotel offered zero parking and make its guests park a few buildings down. 

Oh! There was also a crotch rocket rally being held on Memorial weekend causing us to be surrounded by a very, very, rowdy crowd.  Even the hotel employees were counting down the days until the rally was over. 

“Just one more day…”  the housekeeper told me.


Three miserable hours later, we grab a hotel dolly, cross the busy street, down the sidewalk, and up a hill to the car and load it up to the top.  My husband was in charge of getting the dolly across the street and into our room, while my job was to safely cross the street with three kids.

However, we didn’t account for the bump in the road, sending two of the frozen meals I had prepared in aluminum baking dishes,

flying through the air and onto the street corner


Bubba scrambles to save what is left and made a flying leap to the sidewalk just before the herd of crotch rockets hit him.


Relieved to be in the room and settling in, we all dress in our swim suits and head to the beach, where Bubba and I try to corral two crying toddlers running in opposite directions across the beach.  During this time, I get

pinched by a CRAB

!  If you follow me on


, then you probably saw the delightful image of my pinched foot.  And if you’re wondering, it hurt! hahaha! Bubba tells me this sort of stuff can only happen to me, lol. 🙂 (Thanks hun.) 


Even after all of that, the trip was awesome, and I will be documenting it here over the next week.  As for the rest of that first day, the motorcycle crowd & staff were very polite to us and held the doors open for our brood.  Others welcomed us with smiles and


.  The waves and weather were picture perfect, and after the initial first few hours there, everything straightened out, kids slept like champs, and we all had a memorable vacation.  In fact, we didn’t want to leave!  I think we could have stayed there for the rest of the summer.

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?!

Until next time!



Wow.  I totally went on an unplanned blogging sabbatical.  I’m back and ready to write, though.
My two youngest children are at that stage where they have to know what I’m doing on top of the kitchen counter.  Nearly every moment that is spent in my kitchen, I have two children pushing chairs beside me, ready to put their curious little hands in all the stuff that I don’t want them to touch.  I’ve been trying to remedy this with what I refer to as the keep mom sane strategy.  On occasion, when I am trying to get something done, I give them two bowls and free rein over the sink.  It keeps them busy forever, and it allows me to chop vegetables in a little peace.
And if you are wondering if they get water everywhere, yes, they do.  They have fun, which is worth mopping up spilled water.


Story Of My Life in 250 Words

The story of my life in 250 words or less…

Born on November 2, 1981, I was raised in north Texas in a single parent household.  It was a lifestyle where the whole family: aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents lived next door to one another.  I believe their mantra is: If you’re born here, you stay here.  Not really, but it seems that way.  I do think this lack of change in my youth has made me run after change as an adult.  Nearly my entire life I daydreamed of moving out of Texas.  At the age of nineteen I became a single mother to a boy, raising him while I went to college until he was three.  At twenty-three I met and married my husband.  Since then, we have lived in four different states and added two more children to our lives.  I’ve also become a published author, making my childhood dream come true!  Currently we live in North Carolina while my husband finishes his engineering degree.  We love where we are in life and count each precious moment as a true blessing from God.

174 words! I was going to put a few more goofy pictures from back in the day, but they are in a ziplock bag, inside a tote, that is in the shed, with more totes stacked on top…annnnnnnd I felt it would have been a waste of my time to go through all of that, haha. 🙂

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