A Day In My Life In Pictures

I’ve wanted to document a day in our life through pictures for probably one year now, but the idea of taking pictures on top of the typical hectic day made my brain shut down.  But then Chelsea did her own post about it, leaving me re-inspired. So here it is–finally–a day in our life through pictures.

1. My day begins at 8am with hygiene and my hair being pulled into a top knot, where it will stay for the rest of the day. 2. I sneak my sleeping beauties out of their cribs.  Look at those smiles…I get to wake up every morning to these sweet babies of mine! So blessed.

3. The kids usually eat cereal–Rori gets to include a bottle with her cereal–while I put up the clean dishes from the night before. Once the babies are finished eating, I start yelling for Nathan to wake up by 8:30am. Meanwhile, I sweep the floors and clean tray‘s. Once Nate is up, and getting ready, I dress the kids and slip fresh diapers on them. 4. About 9am, Nathan will begin his homeschooling and we will discuss and go over what he needs to have finished for the days assignments.

5. The rest of the day is spent chasing kids, changing diapers, picking up toys, errands (although I didn’t have any this particular day.) making lunch for all of us, bible study, vacuuming, dishes, never ending laundry, cleaning bathrooms, play outside for an hour, help Nathan with his school work, naps, snacks, annnnnnnd try and keep up with a little social media in between it all. ALSO, I make my own laundry detergent and I had to make another batch on this day.  I don’t make detergent every day.  Thought I should mention that, lol.   

6. After Bubba is finally home from work, I begin prepping for dinner around 4:30 and we eat by 5:30.  Then comes another round of dishes and tiding up the house. 7. By 8:00 the kids are in the bath tub and by 9:00 they are in bed. 8. Then it’s finally my turn to hop in the shower! 
By the time I get out of the shower, Bubba goes to bed and I usually come down stairs
to have “me” time.  This is when I will read, write, journal, knit, or
watch t.v. until about 11:30 pm. 
Then it’s…
:::Light’s Out:::