Converting to Catholicism

….that’s cussing words here in the south and it’s usually responded with an, “Are you out of your damn mind!?”  (Don’t forget to add the southern twang.)

I knew I was going to get it after I vaguely announced on Facebook that I have been thinking of joining the Catholic church.  I posted a picture of St. Peters in downtown Charlotte and wrote, “I’m probably getting ahead of myself but this could be our new church. We’ll see though, in the months to come.” 

I waited and expected nothing less than what was dished to me.  The first email I received was from my aunt who is Catholic (the only one in our family) and to be frank, I didn’t even realize she is a practicing Catholic.  We rarely speak, but on this night she sent me a supportive email with a few words of wisdom and told me not to let others discourage me.  Toward the end of her email she told me, People will question and try to steer you in another direction. Listen to your heart…”  I really appreciated the fact that her email was the first one I received.  It is as if God himself said, here, you’ll need that encouragement first. 

The barrage of emails that arrived a mere five minutes after my Aunt’s fell along the lines of what I said at the top of this post.  I was told to “CALL ME NOW!”  “Read this link…”  “WHY?”  “Are you really?”  Don’t do it because I know someone that this and that happened to….or this happened to this person when they were a kid…it’s evil!…it’s Pagan…they worship Mary…they pray to Saints…you’ll go hell if you do that… 

I have also been subjected to phone calls that didn’t want to hear my reasons.  I had one phone call last nearly two hours long.  I was proud of myself because I stayed calm and undeterred throughout the phone call.  I finally cut off any other talk to people.  I was tired of defending myself.

I quickly realized that people fear what they do not understand.  (Or maybe fear what they do understand in some cases.)  People are also going to hang onto the few bad things or rumors they hear and let it represent the entire faith.  My conversion is in its beginning stages at the moment and I’m still learning;  therefore, nothing has been set in stone yet. 

However, I feel it is time to come out with the news to the blog world that I may be converting to Catholicism!  

I’ll continue with more things about it, but for now, that’s it!