Another time, I guess.

My version of what to do on a Wednesday and my husband’s version of what to do on a Wednesday are not the same.  You see, when I woke up this morning I thought to myself,  …what a perfect day to do nothing except read.  just bounce around from magazines to blogs, then books.  But my husband woke up and thought to himself, …what a great day to paint the walls in my house.  Now, obviously my idea is just an illusion.  There is no way that will ever happen anytime soon.  But still, I didn’t expect to find my husband and Nathan painting our dinning room and hallway after my hour at the gym. 

The house is an absolute wreck because of it all, and as I took in the view I wondered where in the world all the stuff came from!  That, of course, lead to me tossing this and dumping that.  It felt satisfying and as for the walls…we’re never going to get our deposit back.  Ha!

In all of the mess, I managed to make a couple of loaves of bread.  I kneaded the dough between school books and a stack of bills I wish I could poof away and books that I wish I were reading instead.  Another time, I guess.  I kept dinner as simple as a dinner can get, and doubles as one of our favorites: bread and gravy.

Alright.  It’s time for lights out.

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Spoken By A Teenager

My son, Nathan, let me know last night just how much he enjoys talking to me.  He says it’s always nice, late at night after the little ones are in bed, that we can talk about things.  He says I give good advice and I explain things well.  For that to come out of my 13 y/o son’s mouth, meant the world to me.  Let’s face it, as a parent, you don’t always feel like you’re getting it right, and most of the time you aren’t, but it’s always nice to hear about the important things you are getting right.  Like having a teenager that feels you’re a good enough listener for them to bend your ear at night, or one that seeks your advice because they think you won’t lead them in the wrong direction. 

I can’t say how long it will last, but I’m hoping for forever.