Cape Fear

For some people in this world, the daily grind of life, a monotonous routine, endless responsibility, and life problems will often become a few reasons they pack their bags, hop in their car and say au revoir!  

Bubba and I fall somewhere between one of those.  Normally, I am the spontaneous one in our marriage, but this time Bubba is the one that broached the subject for a day trip.  I’m thankful he did, too.  I have been ready for a break from the lack luster summer days and Bubba has felt bored being home from school. 

So, that’s what we did.  That next morning we left with our packed bags in hand and drove to Wilmington, NC.  It is a three hour drive from our house, making it a pretty straight shot.

We tried to jam in as much as we could for the day.  We hit the beach first, ate dinner, and then went to the river boardwalk in Cape Fear.

The boardwalk is the type of place that you catch yourself lingering for hours.  The views, stores, and restaurants make the perfect backdrop to simply take your time.  It’s part of the magic of the South.  There is no rush.

in an effort to keep any fingers from falling off while scrolling, I am showing photos in my handy slider option. hopefully it works okay!

It wasn’t meant to be.

One day I looked down at Rori and saw a gaping hole staring back at me. I don’t know what happened, but out of all the hats I have knitted, the one that came out the best, has unthreaded.  This hat has been worn a lot over the past year and when Rori put it on one day, as she always does even if it is hot, I noticed it had come undone. 

Currently, the hat gathers dust sitting on my shelf, however, if anyone knows if this can be fixed and can link me to a tutorial of some sort, I would be very grateful!

Hold up.  I’m not finished yet…

Guess what else?  A mere two weeks later, Rori managed to break into my bedroom and grab the throw blanket I had been working on.  Normally I would have been upset at the sight of nearly half of the hard work I had completed undone, knotted, and sitting in a heaping pile on the floor.  Not this time though.  This time I shrugged my shoulders and knew deep down I had been avoiding the nasty truth anyway: It just wasn’t meant to be.  I have had a love hate relationship with that throw since the day I started it and if I’m completely honest, I’m just glad someone helped push the inevitable into place.  I’m ready to move on!

As always with my knits, I’m linking up with Ginny for her Yarn Along.

Whoops! I almost forgot to mention what book I’m reading! I just checked out the much buzzed about book, The Fault In Our Stars.  It’s on sale right now, too!

R.I.P. Throw Blanket. 


Surely by now most of you know, Molly, from Orangette— one of the most popular food bloggers– and NY Times Bestselling Author, naturally. 

I have anticipated Molly’s latest book release for almost a year now, and I can’t describe to you just how super excited I am to have received an autographed copy of her latest book, Delancey.

As the memoir goes, it is about the merriments and pitfalls that accompany the process of opening a restaurant alongside her husband, Brandon.  Molly gets a little raw with her feelings concerning Brandon’s bold venture into a dream that she didn’t completely share.  I don’t want to give it all away, but apparently it is really hard to open a restaurant!  Go figure, right?  Even if you have passion, determination, and skills, opening and running a restaurant takes hard work.  Really hard work.  And according to Molly, a lot of tears.  

My thoughts on the book?  It  took me all of three days to read it, making it a fast read, which in my current season of life, it is good thing.  Is it as great as her first novel?  Not in my opinion, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t love it.  I definitely recommend reading it simply for the fact that it may teach you to rethink opening that bakery.  Haha!  I’m kidding.  Seriously though, read it for yourself!  It may turn into one of your favorite reads. 


Hello & Chat

There is a lot that hasn’t been said lately and that is in part to life overflowing.  Overflowing in a good way, but spilling nevertheless.  My days begin early and end late, and between these long hours, I think about all the moments I want to share on here, but right now life has me running in the middle of the day to day race.  It makes my sharing scarce.  I think it must be this way for many people because I’ve noticed my blog feed is a little less crowded.

On the funny side of things, last week I opened a new bag of Doritios (a rare treat in this house).  After pulling out a few chips to a plate for the kids, I noticed a hole at the bottom corner of the bag.  I knew instantly the mouse we have been trying to catch for days before had managed to eat its way through our new bag of Doritios. 

Instead of immediately throwing the bag out, I left it opened on the counter because we were all running around the house trying to get ready to leave for a day trip.  About fifteen minutes later, I emerge from upstairs to find Nathan and Bubba shoving chip after chip into their mouths!  Instantly, (instantly!!) I began rolling with laughter at the sight of them.  I told them the dreaded news of a mouse eating the bag, AND Oh my LAWD!!  By their reactions, you would think I told them they caught the plague! 

Both (!!) of them started dry heaving, faces red, yelling at me, “WHY DIDN’T YOU THROW THE BAG AWAY!!!??” and “We’re going to be sick!” and “I CAN’T BELIEVE WE JUST ATE RAT POOP!” and “I can’t believe you let us eat chips that had a mouse swimming around in the bag!”  All of this was followed by a lot of googling by Bubba who quickly found out that him and Nathan are not the only people who have eaten out of a rat bag and then freaked out about it.  (If you ever get bored, there are some pretty funny stories out there.)   All day I had to hear about this, guys.  All, dang, day. 

All day.

On the family side of things, we’ve celebrated two birthdays within the last two weeks.  Nathan who is now a whopping 13 and Scout a whopping 3.  No longer my babes, huh?  I obviously blinked at some point over the years because I barely recognize my babies.  Cliche as it may be, they really do grow fast.  Too fast.  Especially the older I become.  We’ve also started doing a weekly family movie night.  It has become the anticipated night of the week.  So far we have revisited a few classics mixed with newer: E.T., Stepmom, Pompeii, and a couple of others I can’t think of at the moment.  This week it will be, We Bought A Zoo.  It came on television a couple of weeks ago and Bubba recorded it on the DVR.  Apparently, I may need to keep some tissues handy when we watch it.  Bridget says there are a few cry worthy scenes. 

Hopefully you’re still with me…what else, what else?  Many things, actually, but I’m going to end it here.  I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend! : ) 


Kids.  They put themselves in weird positions; both literally and figuratively.  The other night Bubba and I heard this odd banging sound coming from the kids bedroom.  Normally that doesn’t raise our eyebrows, but this night it sounded a bit more threatening.  As in, WTH are they breaking?  Curious, we told their older brother Nathan to scope the situation out. 

From the sofa, we heard uproarious laughter from Nathan and a bunch of racket and whining from the little kids. 

When Nathan came downstairs, he showed us two pictures from his ipod that explained it all. 

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