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1// It took me forever to catch a picture of that dragonfly.  If you will, picture me sitting on the very edge of the dock, arm outstretched as far as it would reach, with a camera dangling from my hand.  It was  a funny disaster begging to happen.  I thought at any moment, I would be taking a dip into the pond, taking my very expensive camera down with me.  Luckily that didn’t happen! 
2// My niece, Kaylie, caught a turtle three times.  I’ve never seen that happen before, so I was quite smitten with the experience. 
3// The picture of the red leaf has me yearning for the cool, crisp, days of Fall.  I can’t wait to be done with this muggy, humid, hot weather.
4//  Finally, my nephew Kayden, was the only lucky one to catch a fish!  It was a small perch, so it was a catch and release.
5//  We also went to Reeds Goldmine and panned for gold.  I forgot to bring my camera along with me, which I totally regretted because this place was beyond cool.  Kaylie was the lucky duck and found a tiny rock of gold!  I have a few pictures from my phone of the trip, however, I don’t think they will give the place justice.
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Beginning With A Blanket

I’m in the beginning stages of knitting my very first blanket.  I’m sure this is the first post, of probably many, concerning this throw.  It seems easy enough, but the fact that I have never knitted such a large piece before, I have a feeling that I may become overwhelmed at times. 
Even so, I am really excited to get it started and to have something I can cuddle with this Fall season.
As for the hat; I finished it last night.  I thought I would finish it sooner than that, but life dealt a different set of cards for me this past week that didn’t involve knitting.  This hat if for my husband, but I had my son model it for you today, since Bubba was busy mowing the lawn.  He did a nice job playing my model, haha.  
It is sort of funny that the last hat I made, that was for a child, I was the model.  And this hat, made for an adult, my child modeled. HA!  Go figure. 
So the hat came out the way it was supposed to be.  It only took 4 tries.  I still have a little trouble “sewing” the ends together, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it one day.  The pattern wasn’t my favorite.  If I redid it, (Lord help me!)  I would do the whole hat in the k3, p7 pattern.  Any way. It is finished.  That is all that matters to me at the moment.  By-the-way, if you’re wondering, the hat is a slouchy hat.  I purchased this book for the pattern.
This is a crummy picture, but the yellow yarn is for the blanket and the blue yarn is for Nate’s hat.
Until next time,
PS~ I’m reading a book called, The Mailbox.  It is a christian book based on the real life mysterious mailbox that sits on a North Carolina Beach that has an anonymous guardian.  I’ll tell you more about it next time because today, I’m not feeling very well.  Boo. 
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The Weekend


1// At top, is easiest dish you will ever make, and yet it is so delicious that your family will devour it in one sitting.  I made it for breakfast on Saturday morning for the kids.  It is your classic Monkey Bread recipe.  I have a story behind that Bundt pan, but I’ll save it for another time.  (I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe)
2// Next up is my niece, Kaylie, who is staying with us this month.  She said this would end up being a bookmark.  I’m curious to see the end result. 
3// My baby girl.  She is beautiful, even with crumbs on her face.
4// This was a science experiment that I let the older kids conduct.  It shows what happens as a cloud becomes heavy with water.  It was a simple experiment that required items that I already had around the house.  If you want to let your kids do this as well, here is what you need: clear glass, shaving cream, food coloring, and water.  Just fill the glass 3/4 full of water, put a thin layer of shaving cream (not gel) on top of the water.  Then add a few drops of food coloring on top of the shaving cream.  It should begin to “rain”.
5// Speaking of rain, the weather here has done nothing but rain for the last month.  As in, record breaking rain.  Our yard is turning into a swamp, and my plants are dying.  I try to let the kids play outside in between the rain, but it usually doesn’t last for long.  This picture is of Rori after she threw a colossal fit because her older brother went outside into the rain without her. 
I wonder if Seattle lawns are always muddy or slushy?
Any way, our weekend was low key as usual.  How was the weekend in your neck of the woods?
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How To Roast Your Garden Tomatoes



I don’t really think you need a how-to over roasting your tomatoes.  I mainly just wanted to show off my garden tomatoes and how I am preserving them. Ha!   

All I did, was, slice the tomatoes (these are my Roma Tomatoes) and lay them on a pan lined with parchment paper.

Next, I picked a few leaves of basil, chopped it up and sprinkled it on top of the tomatoes.  I also sprinkled dried oregano, salt, and pepper over them.

Peel a few cloves of garlic and spread them around the pan.

To finish it up, drizzle some olive oil on top and throw it in a 200 degree oven for an hour or two, and then let it cool completely before bagging and freezing it.

Be sure to eat a couple while they are still warm.  You’ll be happy you did. 

*Just a side note:  To keep tomatoes from spoiling, you will need to roast them for many hours if you plan to store these for a long period of time.  My suggestion would be to cook them for about 5 hours, or until they are leathery.  You should also flip them during the cooking process.  These were very small tomatoes and I cut them thin, so the cooking time was much less.

Perception of Time

The kids, Kaylie and Kayden, (a.k.a, my niece & nephew) blew through my front door from Texas earlier this week.  They are staying with us for the month. 


It was a slight shock to my eyes when I saw them, standing nearly as tall as me, tan, and so…dare I say…grown up.  As an adult, I only seem to keep the memories of the children in my life, as just that, children.  As if they never grow older, even though I know, with each passing year, they are logically another year older.


I suppose one day, they will visit when they are in their twenties (my forties, yikes!) and I’m sure I’ll still expect to see an eight year old and a six year old to stroll through the door.  Perception of time seems to loose itself in aging.


On other news, the three amigos are back together…


I’ll Be Seeing You :: Free Throw Blanket Pattern


Before I begin rambling about my knitting, I want to express a few things about this book I finished called, I’ll Be Seeing You.  Girls…this book…it is good.  It breathed new life into my book reading funk.  This book romanced me, made me cry, made me feel nostalgic, and it certainly makes me miss the lost art of writing and receiving letters.  I hope you will check it out.  I found mine at the local library. 

Now onto the knitting.  This hat for my husband has finally picked up speed.  I’m not sure why, but I just wasn’t in the mood to sit down and knit for awhile.  But now I am halfway finished, and could probably finish it within the next two days.  This is the same pattern that I tried and miserably failed, not once, not twice, but three times.  I wasn’t going to give up though.  Everything is going great with it, so I guess I can say that the fourth time is the charm! 
After I finish this, I will be starting on this blanket, in hopes that I will have a nice throw for the Fall season.  I figure this color, might be nice for it.  I’ll let you know when I start it.  I will also be working on a new hat for Nate.  I suppose that is it this time around!
By-the-way, this throw blanket is a FREE download, and it looks nice. 
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Catch Me If You Can



A streaking two year old and a turtle.  I’m sure you’re wondering where this is going.

A particular story has been relayed to me over and over again by grandparents, my dad, and uncle, since I was two years old.  It was a hot summer, Texas, day when my cousin and I (both two years old) were swimming with our mothers in a kiddy pool. (I think) All was fine and dandy until my cousin and I both stripped down to our birthday suits and took off running, giggling the entire way down the street; our mothers frantically at our heels.  We apparently wanted to see our grandparents, because their house is where we landed.  It is just one of those family stories, that make all who were there, burst into a deep belly laugh.  Except for me.  I give the, I was two, let it go, look. haha!
I am telling you this because I apparently passed down the streaking gene to my two year old.  Here is why….
My husband grabbed his fishing pole to cast a line into the pond before the approaching storm hit.  While on his way to the dock, he hollered at me to come check out this turtle he found.  Of course I darted out the screen door to look, only to stop halfway to say, “hold on, I need to grab my camera.”  With that, I scurried back into the house, grabbed my camera, and ran out the door.  What I didn’t realize, was that my toddler was at my heels, stripping off his clothes.  When he came up beside me, that’s when I saw his naked behind.
Obviously this is unacceptable, so I make my move to grab him.  He is a quick little sucker though, and he decides to play, catch me if you can, around the yard.  Every near catch is followed by his uproarious laughter.  I eventually gave up and let him feel free in the breeze while he pretended to be an airplane.
I’m assuming this probably happened because one of our mothers probably cursed us by saying, “I hope one of your kids does this to you one day…”  Hahaha.   At least I know it works if I say it. Ha!!
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