Garden Gate

We kind of live in a mini-forest with a lot of deer that frequently visit our lawn,  so putting a small fence and gate around it was a logical move.  My husband installed the whole thing…god bless that man!

As for that little green fella at the top, he and his friend hang out in the garden.  He also enjoyed hanging out in my hair one day, causing me to slightly freakout.  I screamed, did a little dance, while shaking my hair violently.  My children thought my screaming and dance was just too cool, so they started to scream and dance…except my oldest…he just watched and laughed from the window.

Until next time!

The Weekend

This weekend has been nothing but pouring rain, giving us all a case of cabin fever.  I tried giving the kids a lot of indoor activities: coloring, blocks, reading,  and movies. 

When it really began to rain hard, leaving large puddles in the yard, the kids danced and stared out the window…daydreaming about sunnier days, I’m sure.  If it wasn’t chilly, I would have stripped them down to their diapers and let them play in the rain.  I loved doing that as kid during a summer storm.

The weekend was truly uneventful and boring.  Other than a few errands and a little baking, I really didn’t do much except soak in the tub and catch up on reading. 🙂

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How was your weekend?

Throwing Out The Rules

Our weekend was slow and uneventful, and that was just fine with me.  I have been in need of a little rest from our constant go, go, go schedule.

I threw out the mom rules this weekend and let the kids eat cake for breakfast.  They loved it.// I also made cinnamon rolls from scratch–it is really the only to eat them.  I promise that if you take the time to make them then you will never buy the canned version again.// I let Scout work on his coordination skills using beans.  He would spoon them into a muffin tin….and eventually the floor.// The rest of my time was taking in Gods handiwork.  Very blessed.

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Living On Less

After a grumbling conversation with myself this morning, I finally made the decision to get this post out of my draft box. For whatever reason, I’ve had a hard time finding the words to introduce this series on my blog. In a nutshell, this will be tips on how we save money by making small changes in our lifestyle and by becoming more self sufficient.  
In order to not bore you to death with a long story of how we came to live the way that we do, I figure the short version that can be squeezed into a paragraph or two will be much easier for all of us.  
Short Version:
My husband and I were like many who supported their lifestyle through credit cards and student loans. We have no one to blame but ourselves.  We wanted the champagne life on a Natural Light beer budget.  (For all the non-alcoholic drinkers, Natural Light beer is probably the cheapest beer you can find.)  
We were living check to check and our credit limits were maxed out.  Reality began to set in and we realized we had no wiggle room when it came to our bills.  It was ridiculous, frustrating, and we were feeling trapped.  
Then the bad things began to happen. 
You know that phrase: Saving for a rainy day?  
Well our rainy day poured and we didn’t have the savings.  I was pregnant with twins and lost one of the babies, resulting in a large sum of medical bills.  One month later, my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor which led to many neurologist bills, CT scans, MRI’s, etc. (Since then, he has been diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst)  Wait.  I’m almost finished.  
Bubba broke his knee and I suffered from complications after giving birth leaving us with plenty of hospital bills.
To make things harder on ourselves, we decided that my husband should leave his well paid, handsome yearly bonus, job in exchange to go back to school. And while we were at it, we threw in an expensive move back to our home state of Texas all the way from Utah.
This decision came with financial consequences.  If I thought things were a struggle back when his job was good and I worked, things only became tougher when our family went from three to five in less than two years, and our TWO income household became an ONE income household.
When you add up all of the above, it results in becoming more creative in how we choose to live day by day; saving wherever we can.
If you read everything down to here; I’m proud of you and you deserve a cookie! 
I hope you’ll check in on the Living On Less tab at the top of the page once and awhile to see how to save you or your family a little ching, ching.  It all adds up! Really, it does.


A city slicker from the windy city blew into our household this week for a visit.  He came adorned in his city clothes and boots speaking with his northern accent.  I kid, I kid.  Sort-of.  His clothes are fancy and his accent is very real, but his roots lay in the heart of Texas where he spent his boyhood with my husband. This friendship runs deep and they refer to one another as brothers.  As always, it feels good to have visitors come to see our new home here in sweet dixie.  We were able to catch up on missed moments, laugh, and drink merrily.  Sometimes though, it is nice to throw back to a more simple tradition and enjoy the quiet of the country and go fishing.  

And that my friends, is exactly what the boys did.  Fish… for hours…and hours.  I’ll let the pictures explain the rest.

City Slicker

Looks like we will be having fried fish for supper this week.
How was your week?

over the weekend

I’m linking up again this weekend with the lovely Mary Beth at Annapolis & Company.  If you haven’t checked her blog out, I hope you will.  Just be warned, her blog will suck you in and you’ll want to peruse through all of her beautiful pictures!   
Her link up is a way for others to share highlights of captured moments that happened during their weekend.  Here is what happened around our house.
After everyone in the house was asleep, I decided to indulge in a late night snack of cinnamon toast, catch up on my readings while enjoying the sweet sound of rain on our windows.  It was one of those nights that I cherish because it had been a good ending to a good day.  //   We had a gloomy, rainy day…it was the kind of rain that never ceased…it just consistently rained, and rained, and rained.  //  Can you tell that it was our grocery shopping day?  Our freezer was virtually empty, as was our fridge.  //  I’m still reading, Temptation of Angels.  I find it hard to put this book down.  //  This is what Scout thinks of his potty training.  He drew all over his potty with dry erase marker.  He also showed me what he thinks of my rug, my floor, my dryer sheets, Rori’s blanket, and his own body.  I had a major marker cleanup along with an impromptu bath… //  I started knitting a new hat for Nathan. So far I’ve only messed up on it twice, ha!  I’ll get the hang of knitting sooner or later.  I’m hoping for sooner. //  I made a fresh batch of grilled Naan and popsicles for the kids.  //  Last but not least, I finally had the chance to catch the church sermon LIVE, only for them to have technical difficulties which prevented me from being able to watch.  Bummer.  I miss our church very much!! We haven’t found a new church that will fit our family yet. 
How was your weekend?  Anything fun or amazing happen? 

I Tried To Wing It

Oh boy, this revitalized knitting journey is just not going my way.  I was confused about one of the symbols so I researched it, only to find myself not understanding the explanation of the symbols meaning.  So I did what I normally would and just winged it. When you decide to “wing it” you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  My chances just happened to land on the wrong side.  
What I’m saying is, I messed the pattern up again.  This also means I am short on my yarn, also meaning that now I have to cut a few rounds out.  If you are lost, then you can read my first post here.  Whenever I stopped knitting two years ago, I was still at the beginner level, so it really is no surprise.
But I’m determined to finish this thing, even it looks revolting. 
As far as what I personally think…
I’m really enjoying being back in the swing of things.
The yarn is really ugly!!  It looked okay when it was wrapped up in a ball at the store, but after seeing it in a knitted pattern…I just can’t dig it.
Despite failing with this hat, even on my third try (isn’t third time supposed to be the charm?) I am looking at the bright side of it.  It means I’m learning…albeit the hard way…but learning none the less. 
The two books I am reading are on opposite sides of the spectrum.  One is an older teen fiction titled, A Temptation of Angels, and the other is an adult women’s fiction titled, Nights in Roadanthe.  Right now I’ve focused mainly on the first book.  It is highly addicting to read and full of mystery.  If you can put aside the teeny-bopper romance, then I would suggest anyone who enjoys a little wonderment and mystery to read this book.  The other one is slow, dramatic, and romantic, which is Nicholas Sparks signature style.
Any how, I plan on finishing up this hat by the end of the week and then I will be looking for a new hat pattern for a teen.
Any pattern suggestions would be appreciated!! (as long as it is an “easy” level, lol)

Our Weekend

This weekend was really all about the birthday girl.  She turned the big One-O.  It made me very sentimental since she is our last child and I will no longer have a baby.  sniff, sniff. //  Other than that, it was praising Jesus for being alive!!  He paid a huge ransom for us sinners and we should never, ever, forget to say a constant thank you for his sacrifice. //  The rest was spent baking and working in the garden.  
What was your holiday weekend like?  Leave a link in the comments to your blog showcasing what you did. I would LOVE to read them! Or you can link up with Annapolis and Company like me. 🙂
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