Donut Tradition

One morning, a long time ago, I drove with the midnight dew still clinging to my front windshield, on my way to buy a bag of chocolate sprinkled donuts.

After all, it was his big day.

Nate was starting Kindergarten so I treated him that morning with one of his favorites.  

The Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut. 

There is something special about eating sprinkles for breakfast as a kid.   It makes one feel like they’re getting away with something that is normally considered to naughty to eat for such an important meal.

As each year has passed, on the first day of school, I wake up with the roosters, drive to the doughnut store and I buy Nate his usual. 

I’m sure one day, he will tell me “no sprinkles” and he will ask for just a regular doughnut or ask me to grab an eclair, but the tradition will still be the same.

On Tuesday, he started the sixth grade.   
Middle School!  
Gosh…I can’t begin to tell you how young that makes me feel.  🙂

His day was pretty typical:

Me:  Did you get lost?
Nate: Yep.  Twice.
Me:  Hahaha.
Nate:  Stop laughing at me.

Me:  Did you go to all the right classes?
Nate:  No.  I went to PE when I was supposed to be in Math.  It was really embarrassing.
Me:  Hahahahaha!  That cracks me up.
Nate:  Stop laughing at me. 🙂
Me:  Sorry.  I had to.  Don’t feel bad, I’ve done the same before.  I even did it in college.
Nate:  Suuure…

Me:  Figure out your locker?
Nate:  Yes and No.  I had trouble with it and a teacher found me and she walked me to my next class.
It was really embarrassing.  I told her I knew how to do it but she wouldn’t listen and just made me go to class anyway. 
Me:  Ha!
Nate:  Seriously mom?
Me:  Sorry.  Was your day good though?
Nate:  Yeah, it was really good!  I like it so far!! 🙂

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Serenity Prayer

Remembering The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His will;
that I may be reasonable happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him, forever in the next.

A Weighty Issue

It’s no surprise that when a woman becomes pregnant six weeks after she had just given birth to her second child; she would gain weight.  Not only would she gain weight, but she wouldn’t work out for nearly two years.  Not working out for two years and stuffing your face with all sorts of pregnant induced cravings, and then giving birth for a third time…let’s just say that her body would not be in the same shape.
If you’re guessing who this woman is; it’s me.  Good ole, Liz.  I kept telling myself: I’ll lose it.  I did on my first one.  It won’t take long.  HAHAHA!  I wish I could go back in time and slap that HoHo out of my hand and wag my finger at my former pregnant self.  
Alas.  I can’t, and after I swore I would start working out, the Texas summer approached and I discovered that I enjoyed the air conditioned comforts of my house while eating more HoHo’s and Cheetos.  
::Big Sigh::

It’s time.  It’s time that I get serious because I’m not losing it on my own.  I’ve never really had to “work” at losing weight.  I’ve normally just been able to go for a couple of walks, eat a salad for lunch and BOOM, I lost ten pounds.  
Those days are apparently over.  So I busted out the gym shoes, and realized that I’ve had these shoes for five years and they look almost brand new.  Probably from not using them very much. 

I know what all of you in-shape-size-right-healthy-people are thinking.  Go ahead and make jokes now because you won’t be later!  
Any who, I started the Jillian Michaels twenty pound workout video. 

Pic Source
On day one, I screamed for my mommy.
On day two, I cried when I couldn’t move a single limb on my body without it being in excruciating pain.
Jillian hurts my legs and my butt.  Jillian makes my butt and chest shake in a way that is embarrassing and painful.
She makes every muscle in my body burn until they tremble until I’m walking like a new born calf.   
Did I mention that she made me cry?  For days?

It’s getting better though.  Just cross your fingers for me, say a prayer, and wish me the best of luck.  I have a long road ahead of me. : )   

Smell Blind

 Any of you ever watched the movie, Walk Hard: Dewey Cox Story?  There is a scene in the beginning where Dewey Cox goes smell blind as a kid.  I couldn’t find that scene which would have been PERFECT for this post, but this clip is a close second.  It will make more sense toward the end when he is smelling poop.

Video Source: mojo69monkey @ youtube

I don’t know how or why it happened, but as a youngster, I went smell blind.  ::True story::  I can’t smell much.  I can’t even smell poopy diapers. In fact, I’m so smell blind, that I am the butt of many jokes in my household.  

I’m sure you’re thinking: So?
I’m telling you this because of a slighty gross–slightly funny–story, that may have saved my oldest son some very unnecessary torture if I had a sense of smell.  Unfortunately for him; I do not.  And unfortunately for him, he has a new nickname: ca ca face.
The Story
I came into the living room and noticed a large wet spot on one of our throw pillows.  I didn’t think to much about it since Scout’s “spill proof” cups seem to leak every where.  So I just threw the pillow into the corner to be taken back to the laundry room before bed.  
Now enters Bubba, who just finished giving Scout a bath after a late night nap.  He was worn out from spending a day at the lake.  
Any way, Bubba informs me that Scout blew up his diaper and had leaked out onto the side of his shorts.  
Me: Gross
Bubba:  Yeah, it was.
We’re great communicators.

Here comes the ill fated moment for Nathan.  
Nathan, being rowdy as usual, came barreling into the living room, trying to hide from Scout.  Nathan decided he would run and grab the pillow and dig his face into it (for whatever reason).

About two miliseconds later, Nate threw the pillow across the room and yelled, “GROSS!! THAT PILLOW SMELLS LIKE CRAP!”  
This is that moment when the light bulb came on above my head.  I immediately started laughing so hard I was crying.  I couldn’t even speak to tell them WHY  I was laughing so hard.  
Slowly, I managed to sputter out enough words that Bubba caught on and began rolling in laughter, too.  
Poor Nate.  He was still clueless.  Bubba finally contained himself long enough to tell Nathan who instantly darted off to the bathroom and scrubbed off one side of his face.
Sigh….sometimes parenthood is very funny, folks.  See?  Now if I had not of been smell blind, I would have known about the pillow to begin with! 
Oh! And don’t worry, Nate really did scrub one side of his face off with anti bacterial soap, and I immediately took the pillow to the washing machine where it was cleaned thoroughly, and then bleached and then washed again.  
I’m sorry for grossing everyone out with this story.  But sometimes it’s just life. 😀

Having A Child With Multiple Food Allergies

My middle son, Scout, has multiple food allergies.  We found this out last week…sort of.  It’s a long story really, and I’ve failed to really explain most of it to others. 
I’m not just writing this post for the friends and family that are close to me, but I’m writing it for other parents who are just discovering their children may have a food allergy and suddenly they realize that they have to think three steps ahead at all times.
I guess I should tell you what he is allergic to:  Milk, Eggs, Nuts, & Dogs   
What does that mean for us and him?  A lot. 
But I won’t get into that right now.  That can be on the next post.
Let me back up to January 15, 2012.  That Sunday turned into a parents nightmare very quickly.  It was a normal Sunday morning where we woke up, ate, dressed, and headed to church.  The Friday before, the pediatrician told us that Scout was ready for table food.  So whatever we were eating, it was time to share it with Scout.  That morning, I had made scrambled eggs for everyone.  After Scout took ONE bite, his face began breaking out in nasty hives.  It quickly spread to the top & back of his head, eyes, hands, neck.  
It was bad. 

Bubba and I broke into panic mode.  We didn’t have any Benadryl, and we lived 20 minutes to the nearest hospital.  We were frantically praying that his airways were not closing up, aka anaphylaxis.  
I broke every speed limit on the way to the hospital, and it was such a big deal, the hospital staff took him straight back before any paperwork was filled out!  They immediately gave him Benadryl…like a huge dose.  Within seconds, you could see an improvement, but they informed us that it would take two days before all the hives were gone.   
BTW, he does not experience anaphylaxis with eggs.

This was one day after the hospital.  You can see that his face was still red and puffy.  He even had a couple of “blisters” around his eyes, but you can’t see it to well in these pics.  And yes, that is Nates underwear on his head.  Nate finds it hilarious.
The doctor told us that she was confident that he would outgrow this by the time he was one.  She also said that he could still eat cake etc., just not egg itself.   She was wrong on both accounts.  Everything we gave him with eggs in it, he had to down some benadryl.  
This is after Scout ate food with an egg product in the ingredients. This is only the beginning stage after a does of benadryl.  If we hadn’t of had medicine on hand, this would have gotten nasty very quickly.

So this leads us to last Monday, when we decided to have an allergy panel ran on his blood to see just exactly what he was allergic to and what he would or would not grow out of.  
They measure it by a 4 square panel:

Sun Rise

I was up with the rooster’s the other day.  It wasn’t on purpose, I assure you.  I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with Rori.  I fed her and suddenly couldn’t fall back to sleep.  I forced my eyes shut, rolled around, then peeked at the clock every half hour until the sun began shining through our window.  
What I am trying to say is that, I was in a GREAT mood for work that day. Ha, Ha.  *total sarcasm*  Any one who knows me well, knows I loathe mornings.  I’m grumpy and it takes at least two hours before it is safe to talk to me.  I don’t understand it, I just roll with it.  
Despite my grumpy disposition, I snapped a picture of the August Texas sun rise.  Enjoy lovely readers. ; D

One Favorite Picture

I don’t post a bunch of pictures of my oldest son Nathan on this blog.  Not because I don’t want to, but because he doesn’t let me take pictures of him the way he did when he was younger.  Once upon a time, he would pose for any camera that whipped out around him, but now he shoves his hand into the camera lens or makes a goofy face.  
He’s a preteen turd.  What can you do?
But this picture is one of my favorites.  It was taken shortly after Nate turned 4 years old in the house that we had just bought.  

(I put two different effects on the picture, so I will show you both)

Which effect do you like best?  Photo One or Two?


 Another blogger, Nicole, wants her readers to write a post about how they met their spouse and then post the link in the comment section of her blog.  I thought this sounded really fun, so here goes.
Story of Us
It was Halloween night, 2004.  I was a single mother taking her three year old son trick or treating in her boss’ neighborhood.  My boss, Dr. B, convinced me the year before to trick or treat in her neighborhood because they handed out candy as if it grew on trees.
Which was awesome because I’m the parent who chows down on the sweet stuff after the kid crashes into a sugar coma.
Back to the story.
Like I said, we were trick or treating, and we knocked on the door of Dr. B’s neighbor.  A boy who went by the name of Bubba answered the door, along with his roommate, Kobe.  They acted baffled at the fact that someone knocked on their door and they scrambled around in their kitchen, desperately searching for candy to give to Nathan, while apologizing for not buying candy on Halloween.
So yeah.  They came up emptied handed with the candy, but I left my impression on these two.
A few nights later, I was dressing my boss’ mailbox up in the middle of the night for her birthday.  (Her birthday was the day after mine, so technically I was decorating her mailbox on my birthday for her birthday.  Make sense? Haha.)  Any hoo, I decided to be bold and ask the guys to join me for a night at the bar in celebration of my 23 birthday. 
After a few knocks, a figure came jumping down the stairs, skipping steps, through the glass window on the door.  Bubba answered.  I shyly asked if they wanted to join me, but they declined b/c they had to work early in the morning.
I felt a little foolish, to say the least!  So I went out and met my friends and had a lousy time.  Kidding! I had a good time. 😉
Fast forward to the next day, I told my boss everything and she and her neighbor decided to play match maker and spoke to Kobe on my behalf.  Next thing I knew, Kobe (the roommate) was calling the office, asking me for a date that night.  I said, yes.
The woman behind it all, Dr. B!
Nervously, I met Kobe at his house only to find out that Bubba is coming along too.  I suddenly became very confused if this was a “date” or not.  Me. Two guys…all going out for dinner and a movie???  Awkward!!
Needless to say, it was Bubba and I who were brushing hands in the theater and it was Bubba who made  my stomach do flip flops.  
But the night had to end and I said my awkward good-byes to the both of them without any promise of a future get-together.  Besides, I left early the next morning for a fun trip to Las Vegas.
Me in Las Vegas, with the penguins at the The Flamingo Hotel.
While in Vegas, I received a call the morning I was to fly home.  It was Kobe.  He had invited me over once my plane landed.  Even though I was disappointed it wasn’t Bubba who had called, Kobe explained to me that Bubba was in jail for Public Intoxication.  
Wow.  I thought.  What a winner I picked.  But it was a situation where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was being released that afternoon.  So Bubba would be there by the time I arrived.  
As soon as my plane landed, I scurried home in traffic, threw on my got-to-look-casual-but-still-super-cute- outfit on, with my glasses to make me look smart with just enough makeup to enhance the eyes.  
This was my strategy, and luckily it worked.  Bubba and I stayed up until 7am just talking and cuddling.
One week later, Bubba moved in with me. 
And the rest, as they say, is history. 😉   We were married October 8, 2005.  


Rori At 4 Months

Rori is now 4 months old! 
I would like to say that time is flying by, but it’s kinda feels like things are finally slowing down for us.  While I was pregnant with Rori, Scout was only 6 weeks old.  So, with the anticipation of Rori’s arrival and Bubba’s career changes, it felt like time was passing by at warp speed, making it hard to savor all those “first moments”.  But like I said, with Rori it has been different.  She has taken her time growing, she is quiet, and oh-so pretty-to patiently watch as she develops all of those “first milestones”.
So enough jibber jabber.
Rori has hit all the development stages that she is supposed to.  She rolls over, holds her head up, kicks and laughs, and all those cutesy things that babies are good at.  She is also sitting up straighter in her Bumbo, she is discovering her hands and realizing that they can do things, like hit dangling toys.  She talks all the time and she is now fully aware of the people who are around her.  She finds Scout HILARIOUS!  She loves to play, she is patient, and by far my best baby.
I’m sure there are a ton of things I’m forgetting, but she is on target with her weight, height, etc.  She eats like crazy and is finally out of her 0-3 month size clothes. 😉
Yay for Rori!

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