Country Boy Fire Pit

An Easy Country Boy Fire Pit 

I told Bubba last week that I wanted to make a fire pit so that we could roast dawgs & make s’mores.  Yum. 😉 
Turns out I have a fantastic husband, who not only agreed with me but also went outside in a 100 degree heat to build us one.  
I call it, Country Boy Fire Pit, because we made it with things we all ready had around the house, making this puppy absolutely FREE! (That is my favorite word)  
Also, just so you know, this pit wasn’t built on a professional level.  We built it on…let’s say…a camping level.  Hee Hee. 
Any hoo, here is how we did it.
Step 1:  Set up the size you want it to be.  We used Scout’s plastic pool as our guide.  Just lay the pool upside down and mark around it using your shovel or paint.  We used the shovel.
Step 2:  Dig it out, probably about a foot deep.  We just eyeballed it.
Step 3:  Begin placing your stones and rocks in the bottom, around the sides, and on top (to create a platform)
Don’t Forget You’re Helper!!
Step 4:  Take your smaller, loose gravel and fill in the cracks.
Step 5:  Oh wait…That’s it, you’re done!!

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It’s The Little Things…

I’m just going to jump right in here…
I have a shoe box wrapped in paper whose sole purpose (other than shoes) has been a catchall for all of my random things over the years that hold some sort of past memory.  You know the one.  
The one that held matchbooks from your favorite
concert, or those crazy pictures that only you and the person you were
with will ever see the light of day?
Well, a few days ago, I came across my long lost box…packed in another box…for probably the last six years.
While rummaging through through it, laughing at this and that, I came across something that really gave me a life lesson.  It was a note from the Domonios delivery guy that really made me realize that it is truly the little things we do for others that really have an impact on them.
I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world this story has a life lesson in it, but trust me it does.
So here goes the story with the delivery boy, Brent.

It was the year 2004 in Corinth, Texas in my apartment parking lot.  
I notice a troubled guy in the parking lot as I am getting out of my car.  You can tell he is pissed.  I watch out of the corner of my eye as he mumbles and messes with stuff in his Domonio’s delivery truck.   
I think to myself how much I want a pizza now.  ha ha, just kidding.  not. 

Seriously though, this guy is obviously having a rough evening and I can totally sympathize because I’ve had those EXACT same days.  Any HOO, he proceeds to stop me and ask me a random question about someone in the building, which then led him to ultimately tell me about his crummy day all of which I patiently listened to.  After his two minute rant, he asked if he could use my cell phone.  

“Of course!”  (Believe it or not, but eight years ago, not everyone had cell phones!)

So he makes his call and thanks me profusely as I wave my hands at him to say it ain’t no big thang and we take our separate ways.

Or so I thought.

The next day as I made my way to my car,  I found a note sticking to the windshield of my car.
I’m so glad I’m not the only one who uses parentheses like that.
In case you can’t read what he wrote: 
for letting me use your cell.  The idiot (to say the least) shorted me a
dollar and no tip.  But its cool we put a bad report on her store record
ha ha.  Its people like you that insure me humanity isn’t shot to
crap.  Anyway here are some free coupons.  I was pushing for a pizza but
no go.  Well enjoy your cinnastix and thanks again.–Dominos delivery guy Brent  P.S. On Back
 I’m glad it was the right car b/c there were twelve of these coupons in there!! Trust me, I used 11 of them before they expired.  YUM!  

So, it just goes to show how awesome I am.  KIDDING!!  For real though, its the small things we do for one another that can really impact someones day attitude.  It’s a reminder of treating people with kindness and honesty.  Thanks, Brent.  They were delicious.

Hebrews 13:12 
Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

Rori’s Dresser

Just a few short months ago, while still pregnant with Rori, I stumbled across an old dresser shoved deep into a shed. I saw the potential immediately and told my busy husband to pull it out for me. 
He told me, “No way.” 
We went back and forth on it for a couple of days, and despite my “it’ll be so pretty after I fix it up” speech, he still didn’t want to touch it because according to him it was beyond repair.
I stood my ground and he gave in and dug it out of this crowded, spider trapped, shed and took it to the shop where I was waiting impatiently.  Once he brought in all the pieces, I scanned everything, making a mental list of what needed to be replaced and repaired.
He was right, after all.  It was a mess, and this project wasn’t going to be easy.  I immediately began taking things apart when he stopped me and told me that he would fix it up for me.
I tell ya, these “husbands” come in handy ladies. If you don’t have one, then you should definitely get one. 
So…here is a picture of the before and after for you.  (Just in case you’re wondering, Bubba put wood letters on her dresser, “Lucy”, which is her middle name.  He thought he was going to get away with calling her Lucy instead of Rori. heehee)

We ended up spending a total of about $85

Big difference, eh?
Despite the all the hard work he had to do, it was worth it. It is a cute dresser that is solid wood and can hold up for the rest of Rori’s childhood or even longer.
If you’re wondering where in the world the drawers are, I can tell you without a doubt that they are in the garbage, while one was turned into a shelf that now hangs above Rori’s crib.
They were to rotted from termites to be saved, so ONE day, when things calm down around here, (hahaha) we are having to make drawers from scratch. I’ll let you know once we do that. : /
Here is a huge photo dump some more pictures of the journey that was taken with this dresser. 

Now it’s coming together.

We had to purchase a new mirror from a glass company here in town.  It cost us $25.

This is the only salvageable drawer that was turned into Roi’s shelf.

The dresser was primed, then painted, then glazed with an antique glaze, then two clear tops.  All was purchased at Lowes.

Before the antique glaze was brushed on. (We used a sponge brush)

Sorry for the poor lighting in the rest of these pictures. I purchased self adhesive contact paper for $10 through Amazon.

 The End

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Rori At Two Months

Rori had her two month check-up this afternoon and it looks like she is doing great!  
Her weight is now 9lbs 8oz (25%) & 22 3/4″ long (55%).  
She is still sleeping pretty good, only waking up anywhere from once to twice per night and she is eating between 4 and 5 ounce bottles at each feeding.  She finally fits into 0-3 month clothes (although a little loose) and wears a size 1 diaper.
Overall, she is my best baby yet.  She is laughing, finding her voice (she is cooing like crazy) and loves to play and interact with people.  She is staying awake longer during the day and wants you to hold her every second that she is awake.
What can I say? She is my cuddle bug. 😉  
As far as shots go, I hate giving babies shots so I convinced the hubs to wait one year before giving her any vaccinations.
That about sums up Rori at two months.
See you at her 4 month visit! 

A Lady’s Spilled Purse

So the other day, the hubs and I took a quick trip to a packed Sam’s Club with the kiddos when the unthinkable happens…Scout took my purse and flung it out of the cart.

I watched in slow motion as it hit the floor, spilling its entire contents.
AND, since my wonderful husband forgot to zip my wallet back up when he dug around in it for a couple of dollars earlier, every bit of loose change scattered in every direction, making every bystander stop in their tracks and stare at me, the ground, the laughing toddler and the nervous husband.  One mom even held her kids back until Bubba and I could pick everything up off the floor instead of going around us. 

As a woman, a publicly spilled purse is mortifying.  Especially if you have neglected to clean it in a while! Luckily for me, I had just taken a small clutch that didn’t have much in it since I USUALLY just stuff everything in the diaper bag.  But that day I didn’t feel like lugging around that diaper bag so I just stuffed the essentials in my small clutch. 

BUT I haven’t always been so lucky.  On my 25th birthday, Bubba took me out to swanky restaurant.  For it being my birthday, there were a lot of quirks happening throughout that day so I’m not surprised that my purse practically exploded in front of a crowd of people, leaving brightly wrapped tampons all over the ground for all to see! Oh my gosh…what does my husband do?  He stood there and laughed his butt off while I scrambled to pick up all the tampons, receipts, wallet, pens etc. off the ground.  Sheesh…

You know what? There has been other times too.  Like at the bar, or in the parking lot…but it never fails, it’s always when your carrying your really BIG purse that you’ve basically made into your portable trash can, that you drop.  

I’m just thankful that it was just my small clutch this time and not my big yellow one.  If it had been the purse that Scout tossed out the cart, this is what would have gone all over the place. 

Food Allergy…Bummer



This smash cake was short lived. I don’t know how many of you know, but Scout has a food allergy to eggs.  We tried giving him a bite of Nathan’s cake a few days before, and he had no reaction, however, soon after these photos, his face began breaking out in hives.  ;(  Poor guy can’t even enjoy some cake!  Well, we (“We” as in doctor) thought his food allergy would have disappeared by now, but it seems like it is going to stick around. Hopefully he WILL eventually grow out of this.  

At least he had fun for the moment. :D